Unirank’s 15 Best PTNs in Java, Reference for the 2023 SNBP-SNBT List

Jakarta – The 2023 National Selection for New Student Admissions (SNPMB) is currently underway. Now, the selection process has entered the SNPMB account registration stage for the pathway National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP) for students and schools as well as completing the School and Student Data Base (PDSS). Meanwhile, registration for SNBP will be … Read more

Studying Celestial Bodies, Why Study Astronomy at ITB?

Jakarta: Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) has variations big, one of which is astronomy. Astronomy is the science that studies things heaven. Buddy Medcom may often misguided and have the same astronomical views with astrology. However, the two sciences are actually very different. Astronomy does study celestial bodies but not financial forecasting let alone love. … Read more

Studying Heavenly Bodies, Why Study Astronomy at ITB?

Jakarta: Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) has a variety major, one of which is astronomy. Astronomy is the study of objects heaven. Buddy Medcom may often be mistaken and have the same view of astronomy as astrology. However, in fact the two sciences are very different. Astronomy does study celestial bodies but not financial forecasting … Read more

10 Majors Lack of Enthusiasm at UI, ITB, and UGM, Opportunities to Pass in the Best PTNs Are Wide Open

loading… University of Indonesia (UI). Photo/Doc/Humas UI JAKARTA – Public universities ( PTN ) is still the main destination for high school graduates who wish to continue their studies. Whether it’s SNBP, SNBT, or PTN Independent Selection, prospective students are always interested in it, so it has a high level of stringency. Prospective students Those … Read more

ITB Experts Reveal Potential Triggers for a 34-meter Tsunami in South West Java

Bandung – The potential for a tsunami as high as 34 meters lurks the southern coast of West Java. ITB geodesy expert Heri Andreas revealed that based on his modeling, the trigger for this tsunami was due to a megathrust earthquake of 8.9 to 9 magnitudes. “If it is calculated, it will roughly reach a … Read more

The Story of Sam Maykel, ITB’s Youngest Master’s Degree Graduate at 21 Years Old

Jakarta – The average age of undergraduate students is usually 22-23 years old. However, unlike S2 ​​graduates, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) this one has won a master’s degree at the age of 21. The ITB master’s degree graduate is Sam Maykel. He became the youngest ITB graduate in the master’s program during the ITB … Read more

Pertalite Turbo Appears, Pertalite and Pertamax Turbo Crossbreed, ITB Experts Love You

Otomotifnet.com – More excited, Pertalite Turbo the result of a mixture of Pertalite and Pertamax Turbo, ITB Expert love explanation. Since the price of Pertalite rose to IDR 10,000 per liter, RON 90 gasoline is still in the spotlight until now. Not long ago, the price of Pertamax Turbo dropped from Rp. 15,900 to Rp. … Read more

Pertalite is more extravagant after the price hike? ITB Lecturer Reveals the Problem

TEMPO.CO, Bandung – Recently circulating on social media confessions of several motorized vehicle users who fill fuel or other types of fuel Pertalite Pertamina’s production. After rising prices, the fuel that is usually used feels more wasteful than before. In response, a lecturer from the Bandung Institute of Technology Energy Conversion Expertise Group (ITB), Tri … Read more

List of 10 Best Universities in Bandung Version of UniRank 2022, what number is ITB?

Jakarta – Ranking agency 4 International Colleges and Universities (4ICU) UniRank has released the ranking list best college in Indonesia for the August 2022 edition. These include the best campuses in Bandung. In the UniRank ranking, there are 582 universities in Indonesia that meet the 2022 selection criteria. State universities and private universities are included … Read more

Confirmed, IA ITB Jakarta Management Supports Smart City with Big Data

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Regional Alumni Association Manager ITB Jakarta (IA ITB Jakarta) The 2022-2026 period was officially inaugurated on Friday, September 16, 2022, at the Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta. The Decree of the Inauguration of Regional Management was read directly by the Chairman of the Central Management of the ITB Alumni Association (PP IA ITB), … Read more