It took 20 years to complete the James Webb telescope

The James Webb telescope is now being brought to French Guiana in preparation for launch. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KALIFORNIA — Space telescope James Webb finally finished designing after 20 years of delay. A ship carrying the US$10 billion James Webb Space Telescope left port in Southern California last weekend to embark on a nearly two-week voyage to … Read more

James Webb Telescope Scheduled to Launch December 18th

The James Webb telescope has had years of delays. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW YORK — The James Webb Space Telescope will launch December 18. The date announced by the American Space Agency (NASA) is the latest among dozens of other delays for the telescope originally planned to go into space in early 2007. Reported in The Verge, … Read more

Testing Completed, New Generation James Webb Telescope Ready to Launch

CALIFORNIA, – Telescope James Webb’s next-generation space probe is finally over. Now, the telescope is ready to be packaged and shipped to its launch site. “Many of Webb’s tests and checkpoints are designed to ensure the world’s most complex space science observatory will operate as designed once in space,” NASA said Thursday after announcing … Read more

Hubble Telescope Broken, NASA Continues to Work on Repairing It

CALIFORNIA, – Space telescope Hubble experienced significant problems in orbit recently. Remember, the telescope went into safe mode after a computer failure in it. When the computer encounters a problem, the science instrument will remain in safe mode. The US space agency said the telescope itself and science instruments remained in good health. The … Read more