James Webb launch delayed due to new accident

The James Webb Telescope.Image: NASA We may have lost count of how many times this has happened, but the point is that has happened again: ehe James Webb telescope has suffered a new setback and its launch will have to be delayed (once again), which was scheduled for the next Dec. 18. “A sudden and … Read more

NASA’s Great Telescope Journey to Become James Webb

The James Webb Space Telescope, the long-awaited successor to Hubble, is mired in controversy over its name. In 1999, Karen Knierman took a free cup at her first major astronomy conference, just before she started graduate school. It had the logo of an ambitious observatory, designed to peer into the universe’s farthest galaxy, NGST, short … Read more

Everything is being ready for the launch of NASA’s James Webb telescope | News

The takeoff of James Webb, more than 30 years after the launch of the iconic Hubble Once the Webb takes off, at an altitude of about 120 kilometers above the atmosphere, the two halves of the rocket skin that protects the telescope during the ascent will be separated by a pyrotechnic system of springs. The … Read more

An amazing achievement.. a giant telescope that monitors how the universe appeared 25 years ago

One of the telescope’s biggest goals is to reveal the true nature of the black hole at the center of our Milky Way. Dubbed Sagittarius A*, it’s closer than the black hole in M87 that astronomers picked up with the Event Horizon Telescope, but is darker, and its unique flashing flares in the material around … Read more

It took 20 years to complete the James Webb telescope

The James Webb telescope is now being brought to French Guiana in preparation for launch. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KALIFORNIA — Space telescope James Webb finally finished designing after 20 years of delay. A ship carrying the US$10 billion James Webb Space Telescope left port in Southern California last weekend to embark on a nearly two-week voyage to … Read more

Hubble’s replacement telescope, James Webb will launch later this year

JAKARTA – NASA has set a launch date for the James Webb Space Telescope, the long-awaited successor to Hubble. The Webb telescope itself has been in development since 1996. At the time, a joint project between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) hoped to launch a new space telescope … Read more

NASA Completes New Generation of James Webb Telescope

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) finally completed work on the space telescope James Webb which will be a replacement Hubble telescope. The James Webb telescope is the ‘sister’ of the Hubble space telescope which is quite old. NASA has completed testing and is ready to launch. “Webb’s many tests … Read more

Delayed, Hubble Space Telescope Successor Ready to Ship

Hubble Telescope. (NASA) Hitekno.com – James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) who will be the successor of Hubble Space Telescope has completed its testing period. Later successor Space Telescope Hubble this will be sent to the launch site, having previously been delayed. Later Space Telescope James Webb will replace the work of the Hubble telescope. “Many … Read more