WhatsApp can no longer be used in these terminals since January 1 – Marseille News

The arrival of 2021 brings new features for the most popular messaging app: WhatsApp will stop working in older iOS and Android smartphones, the two most widely used operating systems in Spain. And they will stop working from January 1, 2021, as happened at the start of this atypical year, when WhatsApp could no longer … Read more

In China, the highest number of new COVID-19 cases since January

Among them, there were 40 cases of pandemic coronavirus infection in the country, mostly in the outbreak in eastern Jiangsu Province. Beijing applies extremely strict prevention measures in all cases where COVID-19 foci are detected in China. At present, the capital of Jiangsu, Nanjing, with 9.2 million. population, tens of thousands of people are under … Read more

Central Department Store announces the adjustment of service hours in Bangkok and perimeter areas starting from 4 January 64 – Post Today economic-business news

Central Department Store informs the adjustment of service hours in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, starting from 4 January 64 Date 03 Jan 2021 time 17:35 Central informs to adjust the service hours of shopping centers in Bangkok – perimeter starting from 4 Jan. 19 onwards. On 3 Jan. 19, Central Pattana Co., Ltd. Notification of … Read more

Uk, over 42 thousand infections: never so many since January 15. But cases are also increasing in the EU, from Austria to Spain

The summer wave of infections caused by the variant Delta worries everyone Europe, where more and more countries attend to the increase of cases e debate on the mandatory nature of the vaccine for some categories (health first) and on the possibility of introducing a health pass to access public places, as has already been … Read more

From January 1, we pay health contributions and interest income, dividends, shares

Employees, retirees and authorized individuals who earn additional income from interest on bank deposits, dividends, stock market or intellectual property rights will be taxed, from January 1, with an additional 5.5% representing the health contribution.Taxation is capped at the equivalent of at most five average salaries per economy, calculated for one year, according to News.ro. … Read more

Elden Ring will be released on January 21, 2022, check out the first gameplay

That happened during the Summer Game Fest show tonight. The new game is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and PC. The trailer shows the game world, among other things, with a large, glowing tree in the middle and many ruins scattered across the landscape. You can also … Read more

Britain reports the highest increase in infections since January, with an increase in hospitalizations

In Britain, disease increases have been on the rise since the end of May, with the seven-day average rising roughly tenfold since then. According to the BBC news website, younger people, including adolescents, are often infected, and hygienists report that virtually all infections are now caused by the highly contagious coronavirus variant delta. Today’s increase … Read more

Britain reports the most infected since late January. Even so, he is preparing a complete loosening

Nevertheless, the London government is still planning to lift all coronavirus restrictions in England from July 19, as it assumes that the population is already sufficiently protected by vaccines, the AP agency writes. The number of new infections in Britain averaged around 5,000 a day for most of the spring, now many times more, and … Read more

Coronavirus in Great Britain: Nearly 29,000 infections. Most since January

This is another case of a record balance in the last dozen or so days during the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, the highest was the one on Wednesday, June 30, when it was almost 28 thousand. However, at the peak of the second wave, in mid-January, daily balance sheets exceeded 60,000 … Read more

Rome, Mourinho: ‘Spinazzola not before January, will be a purchase of the winter market’ | Market

Joseph Mourinho, coach of the Roma, says his about Leonardo Spinazzola, injured with Italy, in his column on TalkSport: “Are you sorry for his injury? Think of me, the return to the field will not be before January. It will become like a purchase of the winter transfer market”. ITALY-SPAIN – “The Chiellini-Jordi Alba curtain? … Read more