triskele – Translation into English – examples Spanish

Meaning: Small silver pendant carved in the shape of triskele, Celtic symbol par excellence. Meaning: Small sterling Silver pendant carved in the shape of a triskelion, Celtic symbol par excellence. Meaning: Pewter brooch with the symbol Triskele engraving, also called Triskellion or Trisquel. Meaning: Pewter brooch with the Triskelion symbol engraved. Meaning: Hair clip with … Read more

Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo, but Japanese executives laughed

Microsoft will celebrate in November 20 years since the launch of its first game console; They wanted to buy Nintendo, but they laughed at them Microsoft will celebrate in November the 20 years since the launch in the United States of its first video console, Xbox, a project in which few companies in the sector … Read more

Kurdish ninjas training in the Japanese martial art of espionage and guerrillas | Global World Blog

Soran Ninja Team training in Iraqi Kurdistan. REUTERS The noise of screaming and clashing spears has been felt in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan for four months. A group of children and young people from the semi-autonomous region have formed the Soran Ninja team, imitating the legendary Japanese mercenary warriors. The fifty members, both men … Read more

Japanese space agency shares sample photos of Ryugu asteroids

Observations of the asteroid Ryugu. (twitter / haya2e_jaxa) – Through the official Twitter account of the Hayabusa 2 Mission @ haya2e_jaxa, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) shared a photo uploaded from the sample. Asteroide Ryugu. The photos show pieces of black rock and gravel in the container. This success is the culmination of five … Read more

Kako, the Japanese princess who can displace Kate Middleton – PEOPLE Online

The Princesa Kako de Akishimo turned 26 years old and The Imperial Household Agency shared images of the young monarch. Kako became one of the heiresses of the East with a popularity at the height of Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Amalia from Holland. The princess is the second daughter of the prince fumihito the … Read more

Latin J-Music seeks to strengthen Japanese music in Mexico

Cancun.- Latin J-Music, is an initiative that brings together great independent talents in a collective that seeks to consolidate Japanese music in the American continent, highlighting the themes of Asian culture, such as its language, its history, its musical aesthetics and its visual style. With the intention of popularizing Japanese music and culture in Mexico … Read more

Apple looks to 2021 with a Japanese New Year’s announcement that stands out in the App Store –

Apple today shared a new App Store announcement on its YouTube channel in Japan ahead of the New Year. The short 15-second video highlights various apps available on the App Store for productivity, connecting with others, and gaming. The announcement emphasizes how the App Store can help people get off to a good start in … Read more

Censorship could be a barrier to the arrival of Japanese games on Xbox

Xbox has been working hard to allow more Japanese developers to reach its platforms. But apparently there are certain policies that need to be worked on to make this possible. Among other things, censorship could be a barrier to the arrival of Japanese games on Xbox. This is the case of Gal Gun, who according … Read more