Yellow Night: Barcelona SC presented 30 players for the 2021 season, Javier Mascherano and recognized Frickson Erazo | Football | sports

The Canary Islands present their new hires and the star guest, Argentine Javier Mascherano, multi-champion with FC Barcelona in Spain. February 14, 2021 – 11:59 p.m. The endless cheers were absent, but the illusion remained. Barcelona Sporting Club, champion of Ecuador, presented last night the squad with which it will face this season, in a … Read more

Caracol Televisión’s newscast ‘fell’ with a fake kiss from ‘Bolillo’ and Cadavid in celebration of Medellín for the BetPlay Cup 2020 (COLOMBIAN FOOTBALL, Javier Hernández Bonnet, Bolillo Gómez and Andrés Cadavid)

Last Thursday, February 11, Medellin was awarded the title in the 2020 BetPlay Cup, defeating Deportes Tolima in the final from the penalty spot, something that gave a lot of content to be seen on social networks. As it turns out, in the face of a false image, the Caracol Televisión newscast ‘fell’ with a … Read more

Queen of the South: What happened to Javier Jiménez’s actor and his departure from the drama

One of the exits that has affected the Queen of the South series the most has been Javier Gallegos, but what happened to the actor and the reason for his departure from the program? February 11, 2021 02:27 hs The popular series of Netflix, Queen of the South, is preparing for the premiere of its … Read more

Javier Dueñas, new CEO of Campofrío Spain, Professionals

Sigma has appointed Javier Dueñas new CEO of Campofrío Spain. Dueñas, until now Managing Director of Campofrío Frescos, will replace Paulo Soares, who will lead Sigma’s new Developing Markets Area in Europe.With this new organizational structure, the Company intends to reinforce its business strategy in Europe to meet trends and needs of customers and consumers, … Read more

Video game. Javier Torres, dreams of reaching Nintendo, Xbox or Play

Gilberto Lastra Durango. / 08.02.2021 17:24:33 Javier Torres develops a demo for a video game. His dream, to place it in the most important systems such as Nintendo, Xbox or Play Station. With discipline and method, advance with John Doe: Case Madelaine. For the moment he programs alone, makes the music and investigates to reinforce … Read more

Mexicans. This is how they repaired Javier Poza’s 1968 Volkswagen Vocho

Mexican is an inspiring tv show for any car lover as Martín, Isabel and Memo work every day in the workshop VA-K Innovation from Jalisco to do the most incredible restoration work, such as the one done with the Volkswagen 1968 from television and radio driver Javier Poza. Pose He recounted that something that remained … Read more

Javier Aguirre: “We would be children of the c ******* if we send a sick player to the field” | Video

The technical director of Rayados de Monterrey, Javier Aguirre, flatly denied this Monday having consciously counted on players infected with covid-19 to play in Liga MX. The Monterrey team announced on January 20 that it detected 11 positive cases of coronavirus in players and eight among the coaching staff and club staff. Aguirre stated emphatically … Read more

Fracture in the PAN: Javier Corral canceled meeting with Marko Cortés for a candidate related to César Duarte

Marko Cortés did not meet with Javier Corral for the selection of Maru Campos as a candidate for the governorship of Chihuahua (Photo: Cuartoscuro)The internal conflict of the National Action Party (PAN) over the election of María Eugenia Campos As a candidate for the governorship of Chihuahua, she continues to give something to talk about. … Read more

Javier Negre prepares the launch of an Internet television with channels of politics, history and bullfighting

Javier Negre is immersed in the launch of an internet television. The journalist created last March, during the state of alarm over the arrival of the pandemic, the YouTube channel ‘TV Alarm Status’. Video of the day The Community of Madrid will give adults two free FFP2 masks. Since its birth, it has been building … Read more