Seattle plant will deliver the last Boeing 747, says goodbye to the iconic jumbo jet that reigned for decades

The last 747 under construction at Boeing’s plant in Everett, United States, on December 6, 2022. Photo: Boeing. The Everett aircraft production plant, near the city of Seattle, in the US state of Washington, will deliver the last Boeing 747-8 to Atlas Air in the freighter version on Tuesday, 53 years after the jumbo jet … Read more

B.E. Just saw a picture of ‘Kruba Kai’ riding a jet ski – playing in the water. misrepresent Send the matter to the clergy for review.

B.E. Just saw a picture of ‘Kruba Kai’ riding a jet ski – playing in the water. Inappropriate, misconduct, submitting the case to the Sangha for re-examination If inappropriate, how will the punishment be considered? On January 27, 2023, Mr. Suphat Muangmatcha, Director of the Secretariat of the Sangha Sangha Association As a spokesman for … Read more

A salary of three crore rupees per annum; Flight Attendant Vacancy on Netflix’s Private Jet

The world’s leading streaming giant Netflix is ​​inviting candidates for the post of Flight Attendant in a private jet. The advertisement in this regard has been shared on the company’s website. Netflix has offered about three crore rupees a year as a reward for this work. Candidate should be physically fit enough to stand for … Read more

Quinté+: The pro of the day – Tomas Malmqvist “Iron Jet can finish in the top three”

“In Quinté+ I will present Iron Jet (103). It has just had a good comeback race. I was quite satisfied with his performance. He is in good condition and should run in progress. As the horse is in good shape, I think he can finish in the top three. In the second race, the Prix … Read more

Russian-Chinese long-haul jet: Russia wants to withdraw from the Craic CR929

The new long-haul jet will not be able to do without western parts either. The Russians don’t like that at all and could lead to China going it alone on the CR929. The house blessing has been crooked for a while. The Craic CR929 long-haul jet was actually supposed to be a Chinese-Russian joint production. … Read more

Russia’s flagship old fighter jet, Su-25SM3 Grach, is equipped with MANPADS anti-missile protection

loading… The Sukhoi Su-25SM3 Grach fighter jet is the latest upgraded version and was first delivered to the Russian military starting in 2013. Photo/Wikipedia/rbth MOSCOW – Russia proved capable of upgrading old fighter planes Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot with a number of sophisticated devices to attack the Ukrainian stronghold. The modernized Su-25 fighter jet, known as … Read more

exclusive photos of his 68 million euro private jet revealed

Update on January 9, 2023 at 4:31 p.m. Published on January 9, 2023 at 3:30 PM par Carla Biancarelli Cristiano Ronaldo’s £60million private jet is a luxury gem. Here’s why. To read laterSavedFollow #Cristiano Ronaldo#Cristiano Ronaldo Suivi Cristiano Ronaldo hits the headlines after announcing his transfer in the Al-Nassr club of Saudi Arabia, where he … Read more

Embraer jet loses control and is destroyed after crashing shortly after taking off in the US

The wreckage of the aircraft, in a scene from one of the videos presented in this article An executive jet manufactured by Embraer crashed this Monday, January 2, moments after taking off from an airport in the United States, killing the pilot and leaving three other people injured, one of them in critical condition. The … Read more