Véronique helped her jihadist son, involved in the Paris attacks: the judge very lenient with her!

Véronique sent 65,000 euros to Sammy Djedou. From Syria, he will contribute to the attacks in Paris. What could be more natural for a mother than to help a child of full age in difficulty who requests her financially? This reflex led to a Brussels woman, Véronique, 71, to find herself before the criminal court … Read more

At least 20 dead in Burkina Faso in attack by jihadist fighters

Nineteen members of the military police in Burkina Faso and one civilian have been killed in an attack by jihadist militias, the security minister said. 22 people are said to have survived the attack. The minister speaks of a “cowardly and barbaric attack”. Reuters news agency even reports that at least 30 soldiers have been … Read more

Belgian jihadist Abaaoud’s little brother owned Yazidi slaves in Syria, says girl

Two new Belgian jihadists who owned Yazidi slaves were identified during an investigation by Le Soir based on the testimony of a young Yazidi girl, herself a former slave, associated with the work of KUL researcher Pieter Van Ostayen and from V-Europe the Belgian association of victims of terrorism V-Europe. The daily wrote about it … Read more

Court sentences ‘Bar jihadist’ to almost 16 years in prison; brother gets 4 years less

The Syrian Aziz al H. unrecognizable in the picture, in Amsterdam. He was recognized by compatriots during a visit to De Balie.Statue Aurélie Geurts Was it tough talk, chatter to acquaintances or joke about their role as leaders of the terrorist group Jabhat al Nusra? Or did the Syrian brothers Aziz and Fatah al H. … Read more

Killed leader of jihadist Islamic State of Greater Sahara

The ISGS is blamed for most jihadist attacks in the Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso regions. This troubled “three-frontier” area is often the target of the ISGS and the al Qaeda-linked Movement in Support of Islam and Muslims (GSIM). “This is another great success of our fight against terrorist groups in the Sahel,” he said … Read more