This is Jungkook’s Angry Reaction When Jimin Breaks Things That Are Very Valuable To BTS and ARMY

EDITORNEWS- As we all know that BTS members are already adults, and some are even approaching their 30s. But their behavior is still the same as that of teenagers who have a hobby of playing and joking with each other. Many adorable moments that invite laughter from their fans, can even make the members shake … Read more

BTS: V threatened Jimin to post his most SHAMEFUL photos for this reason

Written in SHOWS the 2021/8/4 · 16:02 hs The betrayal brother! The members of BTS They have forged a great friendship throughout their 8-year career and have had memorable moments with each other. Jimin y V They are the same age, so they are very close, but there was a time when one threatened the … Read more

kpop BTS brilla en el último desfile de Louis Vuitton RM Jin Suga Jhope Jimin V Jungkook sur corea | CHEKA

Updated 07/07/2021 12:19 pm BTS is at its best, days after the release of its new single ‘Permission to Dance’, now they have been participants in the parade of Louis Vuitton presenting the latest in fashion from this exclusive brand. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V y Jungkook, have been part of the parade of … Read more

[종합] Even mentioning his real name in AOA Jimin’s private life… Kwon Min-ah’s SNS exposure

Kwon Min-ah, who claimed to have been bullied by AOA’s Jimin, continues to be exposed. On the 5th, Kwon Min-ah continued to expose additional information about AOA member Jimin in a live broadcast explaining the ‘double leg controversy’. Kwon Min-ah revealed in a live broadcast that day, “There is an AOA member who likes sex.” … Read more

BTS has a strange live and ARMY cares about idols

As part of the celebrations for the success of ‘Butter’ on the Billboard HOT 100 chart, K-pop music group BTS held a live celebrating with ARMY, but some reactions from the idols worried fans. ‘Butter‘surpassed’ Dynamite ‘in weeks at # 1 on the chart HOT 100 de Billboard, so, at the end of June, the … Read more

BTS Jimin also wore ‘skirt pants’… Why is men’s fashion trending until the belly button tee?

Fashion watches go half a step faster. Starting with London Fashion Week on June 12th, menswear collections that will be on the market in the spring and summer of next year are being released to the public one by one. This is the latest trend with the hands of world-class designers. However, looking at the … Read more

Are Jungkook and Jimin censored? His tattoos were erased

Jimin and Jungkook’s tattoos were removed in editing and did not appear in some photos from the third set of concept previews for the ‘Butter’ CD, ARMY expressed their doubts and questioned HYBE for doing so. On June 29, through the social networks of Big Hit Music and BTS the third set of concept photos … Read more

Jimin shows off his red hair and expresses his style with a skirt

Jimin left ARMY with his heart pounding after the reveal of his first concept photo for ‘Butter’ CD promotions. The member of the boy band BTS she wore her red hair and a kilt to the max. Jimin She is a fashion icon, this can be seen with her incredible looks at every comeback, concert … Read more

BTS’s Dynamite breaks big records within hours of its premiere

BTS “Dynamite” hit records on YouTube within hours of its premiere, the group K-pop does it one more time. The Bangtan boys made an explosion of energy with their new MV, the trip to the 90s was a message of positivism for ARMY and they debuted for the first time with a completely English song … Read more

4 Things You Didn’t Notice From The BTS Dynamite Trailer

BTS has already released the official trailer of Dynamite, the new song of the K-Pop group which opens this Friday, August 21. Are you sure you saw this video? We bring 5 details that are hidden in this short but interesting clip. Jungkook, Taehyung, RM, Suck, Jin, J-Hope and Jimin became a trend after the … Read more