You benched 220 kg three times? Do you have a problem with math? The atmosphere thickens between Benda and Kotlár

The popularity of the domestic “MMA” organization Clash of the Stars, which specializes in bizarre matches, is literally growing at a rocket pace. At the end of October, we will see the third tournament in a row and the fans really have something to look forward to. The main match will feature controversial figures from … Read more

The legendary Buakaw gets his revenge against the only fighter to ever knock him out

Buakaw a Sato will meet for the fifth time at the end of October. Their first match dates back to 2006, when they met in the quarterfinals of the K-1 MAX pyramid. The fight was clearly dominated by the Thai fighter, he sent the Japanese into the count already in the first round, and at … Read more

Dana White at the age of 53 shocked and showed his form without a shirt

It’s only been a few weeks since the head of the world’s largest MMA organization had his life prognosis drawn up from a blood count. The result did not please him, the chief expert of 10X Health System Gary Brecka told him that under the current circumstances he only had 10.4 years left to live. … Read more

My friend told me to knock him out in the second round, he laughed after Floyd won. His bodyguard was KO’d

Famous American boxer Floyd Mayweather has another successful exhibition in Japan. While in the first one he overcame kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa already in the first round, this time he took his time. MMA fighter Mikurua Asakuru he only knocked out at the very end of the second round. Although he himself took a few blows … Read more

There is no help for those who can’t help. The 198-kilogram giant Zuluzinho took another beating

The last time we were about 200 kg Zuluzinhovi heard in early September. Back then, he was extremely unlucky, as a controversial rule that the Russian organization AMC Fight Nights implemented deprived him of an almost certain victory. Fighting on the ground is limited to one minute there, after which the referee will automatically let … Read more

The heavyweight champion made an interesting offer to the strongman Pudzian, but he cannot accept it yet

It is very difficult for someone within the KSW organization to break the record Phila De Friese in the number of successful title defenses. The Englishman with UFC experience found a second home in Poland when he won the heavyweight championship belt in his first fight here and subsequently successfully defended it seven times. Most … Read more

Insanely! The 17-year-old broke into the UFC. He’s a special boy, White said to him

This was probably the most anticipated match this season Dana White’s Contender Seriesbecause the 17-year-old came to the cage to fight for a contract with the UFC raul roses Jr., who even had to be granted special permission by the athletic commission to wrestle professionally before reaching the age of majority. He started training at … Read more

A shock to the MMA world, former UFC fighter Elias Theodorou has died at the age of just 34

A completely unexpected and very sad news arrived from overseas this morning. Canadian fighter Elias Theodorou, who fought in a cage in one of the smaller American MMA organizations at the end of last year, succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer at the age of just 34. This overwhelming fact was announced on his … Read more

An unknown man got into a fight with a jiu-jitsu master in the subway and had to apologize to him shortly after

Picking up a fight in the street is usually not a very good idea, but getting into a fight with someone who speaks Portuguese and has serious “cauliflowers” on his ears is bordering on a Darwin Award nomination. Even so, there are those who will try, as happened a few days ago in the New … Read more

It will only get worse, declares the fighter who shocked the world with her bare breasts. What is her dream?

Whether it was a spontaneous idea or a pre-planned calculation, it paid off. Australia’s Tai Emery caused a global uproar with her victory celebration in which she rolled up her T-shirt and exposed her breasts to the spectators in the arena. What can be said about the fact that the legendary Buakaw wrestled for the … Read more