Joe Biden, American Politics The question everyone wants answered. This is what the US experts believe

US President Joe Biden, who turns 80 this fall, promised the American people “strong, steady and stable leadership” during the election campaign against Donald Trump in 2020. Many experts at the time assumed that Biden’s advanced age implied that he would be able without much effort give up the baton after just one term in … Read more

Joe Biden on the survey bottom. Trump can rub his hands

Let us note that Trump gained the advantage of the poll, despite the fact that there are currently hearings in Congress before the commission that investigates the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. And so far it appears that the former president may hear criminal charges leading a conspiracy aimed at undermining the … Read more

Joe Biden falls off his bike as he greets his supporters: “I got stuck” – Videos

The president of the United States, Joe Bidenfell off his bicycle while he was taking a ride with First Lady Jill Biden near Rehoboth Beach, in Delaware. Immediately after the fall, Biden got to his feet and reassured reporters and agents of the Secret service present: “I’m fine,” he said. He then explained that his … Read more

Amuk Beterbiev KO Joe Smith Round 2, KO Kings Unite 3 Champion Belts

loading… Amok Artur Beterbiev at KO Joe Smith Jr in the second round to unite the IBF, WBC, WBO light heavyweight championship belts at the Hulu Theatre, Madison Square Garden, New York, Sunday (19/6/2022) this morning. The 2nd round knockout victory once extended Artur Beterbiev’s KO record to 18-0. Also Read: Luis Ortiz King Kong … Read more

The mystery of the Hornets coach breaking the contract explores the boss Joe or the pigeons due to three points – yqqlm

Original title: The mystery of the wasp coach breaking the contract explores the boss Joe or will be put out for three o’clock Earlier today, a rather bizarre piece of news came to people’s attention. Kenny Atkinson actually decided to give up being the Hornets coach and was willing to stay in the Warriors as … Read more

USA. Joe Biden will fly to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West Bank. This is a shift in Washington’s policy

American leader Joe Biden will fly to Israel and Saudi Arabia in July, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday. The US president is to talk there about, among other things, energy, food and the threat posed by Iran. Until the first visit Joe Bidena na Middle East will come on July 13-16. The … Read more

Paris Hilton refused to be a DJ for presidents at the request of Joe Biden

Ilya Bogomolov The businesswoman stated that she was invited to entertain the presidents. Paris Hilton turned down Joe Biden. Photo: Global Look Press Socialite Paris Hilton attended my friend’s wedding Britney Spears June 9th. And the next day she went out to her own author’s podcastto talk about this event. According to the star of … Read more

He accuses the Ukrainian presidential office Joe Bident of lying

“Ursula Von der Leyen praised Ukrainian rule of law in Kiev,” Stop your mind! Is this woman normal anyway? It was just a poetic question. Is this Nazi Ukraine, corrupt to the core, run by oligarchs and actors, called the rule of law? And is EU money holding back Hungary from claiming that we are … Read more

Gained audience attention as Sliwatch’s sister; Audiences applaud Sminu again after the release of Joe & Joe OTT

Gained audience attention as Sliwatch’s sister; Audiences applaud Sminu again after the release of Joe & Joe OTT Newcomer Arun D. Joe & Joe, directed by Jose, was released on April 13. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The film is also set to release on June 10 on OTT. Joe & … Read more