Deyvis Orosco defends himself: “My mother has not appeared in public since she was Johnny Orosco’s wife”, on everyone’s lips, video

Davis Orosco he was sincere with his followers in On everyone’s lips and made it clear why his mother did not appear in the photographs of her son’s baby shower with Cassandra Sánchez. What was that he say? “How is your mother?” Tula asked him and he did not hesitate to answer: “She is super … Read more

Johnny Depp will be able to access Amber Heard’s mobile

Johnny Depp y Amber Heard They are going through a very hard time on a personal level. The ex-partner is plunged into a stage in which different accusations continue to be made, which have positioned them as the protagonists of one of the biggest Hollywood scandals. A few years ago, lActress sued Depp for mistreatment … Read more

Johnny Depp stinking redneck, cold revenge in Rome, this success which is heartwarming

Very weakened lately, Johnny Depp would finally be back on his feet in Rome, and is the pride of Lily-Rose and Jack, the children he had from his relationship with Vanessa Paradis. A little revenge! Lately, the Hollywood actor has been portrayed as a bad guy in “Globe” which secured him to the bottom of … Read more

McCartney blames the Beatles’ breakup on Lennon: ‘Johnny provoked the split’

This version also makes more sense, says Venema. “Paul McCartney tried to keep the band together, while the others wanted to stop much faster. He would be the last to do that. Later on he always said: it was my life, my whole existence.” But that it would ever come to a split has been … Read more

“168 hours”: Johnny Penkov did not wait to turn 88, but left optimistic

How he and Jackie Stoev missed a camp because of a waltz in Sozopol This world, as wonderful and scary as it is, does not deserve to be taken seriously. “That was Jackie’s motto in life, that’s what he was and I can say that about him now,” Jackie Stoev told 168 Hours on the … Read more

Johnny Depp at the festival: I’m obt cancel culture, staila one sentence. But don’t give up

The award for Johnny Depp for his contribution to cinematography did not go unanswered; Even the press conference in San Sebastian was interrupted for a moment because one of those present released an audio call on Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard in court talking about the violence he was trying to do. But the popular actor … Read more

This is a photo taken by Prithviraj: Thank you Johnny Antony

‘Thanks to Prithviraj, this is the photo he took when he said he wanted to take a photo to show at home.’ Johnny Antony won the award for his performance in the film Varan Avsayamundu. Johnny Antony’s words: I won the Saima (South Indian International Movie) Award for Best Comedian of the Year 2020 for … Read more

Johnny Depp was awarded and talked about his “cancellation” – Come and see

As a defense for the protests from various feminist groups over the decision of the San Sebastian Film Festival to give him an award for his career, despite accusations of gender violence against him by his ex-wife Amber Heard, the Actor Johnny Depp claimed that “no one is safe” with the cancellation culture. “It is … Read more

Johnny Depp criticizes the advent of “cancel culture”

He has his slap. Believing himself “boycotted” by Hollywood, Johnny Depp is now scouring smaller film festivals as a self-proclaimed outcast. The 58-year-old American actor, invited to the San Sebastian film festival to receive an award to crown his entire career, took the opportunity to put a stop to “cancel culture”. Also called “culture of … Read more

Johnny Depp: “no one is safe” with “cancel culture”

SPAIN | No one is immune to a “hasty judgment” made in haste in the context of “cancel culture,” said American actor Johnny Depp on Wednesday at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain where he received an award for his entire career. • Read also: British justice denies Johnny Depp an appeal against the … Read more