Coca-Cola was supposed to help with morphine addiction, potato chips were just a joke: The inventions that changed our lives were created by accident

Other Kristýna Ševčíková 09. 08. 2022 A microwave oven, glue or penicillin make life easier for millions of people around the world. Believe it or not, these inventions often came about completely by accident. Even favorite foods or drinks are the result of a mistake. People are always chasing big things, success or fame, but … Read more

Unusual to open the life of “Jaturong Mokjok” from the wage of 60 baht per day until becoming a “popular joke”?

Great comedy, very talented actors. “Jaturong Mokjok” or “Jaturong Phonboon” 58 years old I must say that he is another person who is familiar with the entertainment industry. Create outstanding works and build a reputation until it is known to the whole country.for more than 40 years by “Jaturong Mokjok” Born on December 22, 1963, … Read more

Trailer of the new film by Vega “Invisible War”. People still think it’s a joke

The advertising slogan of the film “Invisible War” reads: “The whole truth about the most controversial director”. There is a lot of truth in it, as Patryk Vega’s productions undoubtedly have their admirers (as evidenced by, for example, cinema attendance). However, they also have staunch opponents who express such opinions on Facebook in the comments … Read more

Paul Stanley reacts to Mario Bezares’ joke about his father’s death: “It’s low”

the tragic death of Paco Stanley It has been a popular topic on social networks, this after several members of the “La Cotorrisa” program made a parody in the place where the driver was killed and referring to the controversial version of Mario Bezares, who was in the bathroom when Stanley was attacked with a … Read more

Swedish national team coach suspended after bomb joke at Kastrup – VG

WAS EVACUATED: Terminal 2 at Kastrup was evacuated after the man’s bomb joke. Photo: On his way to lead his athletes in a major championship, a Swedish national team coach chose to joke that he had a bomb in his luggage. Now he is arrested by the police. Published: Updated yesterday 14:06 Friday morning … Read more

Vitalik Buterin Recommends Rival Ethereum Cryptocurrency: “It’s Not a Joke”

Participating in the conference EthCC, the founder of Ethereum talked about the long-awaited migration to Proof-of-Stake and future updates. However, what caught the most attention was Vitalik Buterin’s recommendation for a rival cryptocurrency to Ethereum that had better performance last week. Held in Paris between July 19 and 21, the event brought together several giants … Read more

Doubtful Child in Tasikmalaya Died due to Sex with a Cat, Uu Ruzhanul: That’s a joke, it’s normal

Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum responded to the case of the death of a child in Tasikmalaya which was allegedly caused by peer bullying. Uu Ruzhanul is not sure if the victim actually had sex with the cat after seeing the video during the incident. “I saw the video, it’s impossible, especially … Read more

Hyo-ri Lee to stop TEN People’s broadcast, respond honestly to the short-cut sex joke

Hyori Lee to appear in ‘At War’Unprecedented wolf cut transformation “I’m going to stop broadcasting now” Honest charm Singer Hyori Lee./Photo=Ten Asia DB Singer Lee Hyori revealed the reason why she transformed into a wolf cut after 25 years of debut. Hyori Lee, who said she plans to take a break from her broadcasts for … Read more

Jazz Chuanchuen uncovers a joke with no money Buying fake stuff – Jang, hit the car for 11 million, tears in my eyes.

Jazz Chuanchuen uncovers a joke with no money must buy a fake But today I worked so successfully that I bought a car for 11 million – Jang Punnasa hit the car for 11 million, tears in my eyes Image courtesy of Polyplus Entertainment. Bringing his children and wife to come out on the 3 … Read more