Angelina Jolie and her latest attempt to destroy Brad Pitt’s reputation

Angelina Jolie is not at all happy with the affirmations of Brad Pitt that he violated his agreement, after the famous actor filed a lawsuit for the sale of his stake in the co-owned vineyard. The former couple bought back in 2008 a majority stake in Chateau Miraval SAa French company consisting of a house … Read more

How have the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt changed? Their daughter wanted to be a boy. She looks like mom now

Now Maddox is 21 years old. Since 2019, he has been studying in Korea – not one, but three majors. The boy is very talented. He is said to speak five languages. “I’m happy that Maddox has grown up to be such a good man.” He’s smart but also hard-working,” Jolie told Entertainment Tonight.

The terrible option that Angelina Jolie took to end her life | Showbiz 123

Barbara Chirino / @barbarachirino This Tuesday, a strong revelation about the American actress, Angelina Jolieshocked his followers after it became known that the same celebrity took drastic measures against him to die as soon as possible. Also read: The clinic where Chyno Miranda is hospitalized could be sued It was in the podcast Take it … Read more

After the appearance of a thunderbolt .. Angelina Jolie Iran reveals the secret of the face of the “zombie”

The similarity of Angelina Jolie to her Iranian version has always been a rich material for the media and social media activists, and it has sparked a lot of controversy and some pity due to the plastic surgeries on her face and a lot of doubts about the authenticity of the pictures that she was … Read more

Jolie and Pitt’s official divorce has been delayed by ongoing court appeals

Angelina Jolie filed a lawsuit against Brad Pitt, who in turn filed a lawsuit against her… Similar headlines have periodically appeared in the world media since 2016, when one of the most iconic Hollywood couples announced their separation and took action to end the marriage you are. In recent months, however, the mutual accusations have … Read more

An email that Angelina Jolie sent to her ex-husband Brad Pitt comes to light

Angelina Jolie y Brad Pitt credit:Bang Showbiz An email that Angelina Jolie sent to her ex-husband Brad Pitt in the midst of their current battle over the Chateau Miraval winery – has appeared publicly. A TikTok user under the name @magshrts1 posted some slides showing the content of the message the actress wrote in January … Read more

Angelina Jolie Details Brad Pitt Abuse Allegations in Court Filing

Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie claims that during a 2016 robbery, her ex-husband Brad Pitt grabbed her by the head and shook her, then choked one of their children and punched another when they tried to defend her. Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, and a judge declared them single in 2019, but the divorce case … Read more

Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of attacking her and their children while drunk on a private plane

October 5, 2022 photo released, Getty Images Angelina Jolie has filed a lawsuit accusing her ex-husband Brad Pitt of attacking her and their children while drunk during a private plane flight, which led to her filing for divorce. In a lawsuit over a French winery bought by the two stars, Jolie says Pitt grabbed her … Read more

Custody battle: child choked – Angelina Jolie raises serious allegations against Brad Pitt

published5. October 2022, 03:51 custody battle: Child choked – Angelina Jolie raises serious allegations against Brad Pitt Brad Pitt is said to have thrown a tantrum and become violent on a flight from the US to France. This is evident from court documents. 1 / 5 Angelina Jolie (46) currently retains sole custody of her … Read more