Del 1.0 al next marketing

Since the 1950s, we can identify seven eras that have marked the history of marketing as a social science, with technological advancement that has undoubtedly caused a rapid transition between the last four versions. The first, called Marketing 1.0, focused on the product; There was a greater demand than supply of goods and services, a … Read more

Turkey.- An important adviser to Erdogan resigns after calling for judicial reform and the release of several prisoners

MADRID, 24 (EUROPA PRESS) Bulent Arinç, a member of the board of advisers to the Turkish Presidency, resigned this Tuesday after advocating for a reform of the judicial system and requesting the release of several “key” prisoners, something that has raised blisters within the Government Justice and Development Party (AKP). The president’s top adviser, Recep … Read more

Judicial Employees Loan Fund denounces a decrease in liquidity

( .- The Judicial Branch Employee Loan Fund (Caprede) reported that he produced a series of alleged messages on the social network “WhatsApp” about its apparent bankruptcy and closure caused a decrease in your liquidity. In an official statement, they posted on their wall of Facebook, they indicated that “product of gossip of these audios, … Read more

At Christmas, book sales will grow 65% according to Buscalibre’s sales projections

Lilian Mariño Espinosa – [email protected] The book sales portal Buscalibre has been doing several studies and projections of the behavior of the market this year, an analysis that details that sales will grow 65% for the Christmas day, being youthful, fiction and the news of 2020 the categories that will push growth. The company pointed … Read more

JUDICIAL GAUGE AL SANTANDER loses in Mercantil and has to pay back expenses

The judgment of the commercial court against Banco Santander, joins the firm ADS Abogados, specialists in claims against Banco Santander, launches its campaign to sue them for free throughout Spain. Every mortgagee who has a mortgage with him Banco Santander Group (Santander, Popular, Banesto …) can claim free mortgage expenses. We recommend reviewing the free … Read more

Xiaomi’s bet to conquer the high-end segment in Colombia

Salomón Asmar Soto – [email protected] Xiaomi today announced the launch in Colombia of the Mi 10T Pro, the brand’s flagship, which promises to give power and creativity to its users in all aspects of their personal and professional life with a user experience at the highest level in aesthetics. efficiency, innovation and distinction at a … Read more

Leaders League’s Best M&A Law Firms

Noelia Cigüenza Riaño – [email protected] Saturday, November 21, 2020 Brigard Urrutia, Gómez-Pinzón Abogados, PPU and Posse Herrera Ruiz were highlighted in the category of leaders of the ranking Although the covid-19 pandemic initially hit the mergers and acquisitions market due to the uncertainty caused by the drop in sales of companies, which was immediately reflected … Read more

Marketing 2021

The marketing world every year around this time, begins to appreciate a large number of predictions about what the next one will bring, and even more so after the atypical that is about to end, without the threat of covid-19 having disappeared, but without Undoubtedly, it will leave many lessons and opportunities for those who … Read more

The climate of debate, the axes of tension and the true role of Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer in the commission that recommended the design of a new Judicial Branch

Alberto Fernández presented at the Casa Rosada the commission of jurists that yesterday finished its opinion Credit: Presidency There were no stridencies or rudeness, there was an intense debate of a legal tone, that transcribed a ideological view of law. Although in these three months they lived moments of tension, could be administered to illuminate … Read more

Trump still has a month to resist and seeks some judicial success

David AlandeteFOLLOW Correspondent in Washington Updated:17/11/2020 09:17h save Related news A Donald Trump He has less than a month left to reverse the result of the US presidential elections, and despite some serious setbacks suffered this Monday in the courts, he has a team working feverishly here in Washington to demonstrate that there has been a … Read more