$1 million credit card purchases will cost you $250,000 in interest

The usury rate continues unabated, and this time, with the increase it had, February will be the month in which credit card purchases will be the most expensive, at least since 2007. According to the Superfinanciera, for the second month of 2023 the usury rate had a rise of 201 basic points compared to the … Read more

The most valuable of Colombian soccer after reinforcement season

The soccer industry is one of the most lucrative and one that moves the most resources with the transfers of players between clubs. Just to exemplify, the most expensive transfer in history was that of Neymar Jr. from Barcelona to PSG in France, for a value of 222 million euros (US$241.3 million), which is equivalent … Read more

The best fuel efficient cars since 1975

An old Colombian slang saying says that whoever has the whiskey has the ice. And although for many people it is not important how much fuel your vehicle consumesthere is a segment that is demanding in terms of the performance that each car makes per gallon. Many well-known brands such as Honda o Chevrolet have … Read more

Next week, cars with plates ending in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 will not circulate for four days

With the change in the peak and license plate in Bogotá, next week cars with license plates ending in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 will not be able to circulate for four days. The above, taking into account that there is a change of month, with which there are three odd days in the … Read more

The complaint against Jean-Claude Van Damme for sexual assault dismissed

A 33-year-old young woman had filed a complaint against the 61-year-old star following an evening at the “Impérial Private Premium Bar Brussels” dating back to August 20, 2021. She then claimed that the actor had sexually assaulted her. The prosecution had confirmed last April that a prosecution file for acts of indecent assault had been … Read more

There are protests in Israel against the government’s planned reforms of the judicial system

About 100,000 people protested in Tel Aviv on Saturday against Israel to the judicial reforms planned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government, which Netanyahu’s opponents believe threaten the country’s democratic foundations. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Also last week, tens of thousands of people protested against the plans of the new government. … Read more

Tens of thousands demonstrate against Netanyahu’s judicial reforms in Israel

1 / 4 Photo: ABIR SULTAN / EPA Photo: ABIR SULTAN / EPA Photo: ABIR SULTAN / EPA Photo: AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP previous in this full screen Photo: ABIR SULTAN / EPA For the third Saturday in a row, tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned reform of the … Read more

New bomb attack in Antwerp last night: two suspects arrested

Around 4:15 a.m. on Sunday morning, an explosive device damaged the door of a building in Bredabaan, Brasschaat. This houses a shop on the ground floor, and a living space upstairs. According to the prosecution, the explosive used could be Cobra, a very powerful firework. The police laboratory was dispatched to the scene to find … Read more

Index – Abroad – Iranian death sentences in an accelerated procedure, such is the judicial system

Mohamed Mehdi Karamit, the 22-year-old karate champion, on January 7 was hanged, just 65 days after his arrest. He was given less than fifteen minutes to defend himself before the tribunal – they claim sources for the BBC Persian broadcast. His tragic story perfectly illustrates how the authorities in Iran use show trials to intimidate … Read more

Man arrested after uranium seizure at Heathrow Airport

London police reported on Wednesday the opening of an investigation by the anti-terrorism services after the seizure on December 29 of a small quantity of uranium in a package at Heathrow airport, one of the busiest of the world. The British tabloid The Sun, which first reported on the seizure, claimed the package came from … Read more