The record price jump is not the end: we lived well, now it’s time to pay | Business

Lithuania has been observing the highest annual inflation rate in the Eurozone for some time – in April it reached 16.6%, in May – 18.5%, and in June it reached 20.5%. According to the Department of Statistics, this number was mainly influenced by the increase in the prices of food products and non-alcoholic beverages, housing, … Read more

Inter drops 18% since debut on Nasdaq, but JP Morgan believes stocks and BDRs could jump up to 160% in coming months; see why

As with most immigrants who have recently arrived in a new country, the Inter (INTR) has faced difficulties after landing on the US stock exchange. The timing of the move, a turbulent period for the entire equity market, doesn’t help either. Since its debut on Nasdaq, last Thursday (23), the shares of the holding company … Read more

Scholz: Putin is afraid that the spark of democracy will jump into Russia

Scholz responded to the question of whether Putin would accept the fact that Ukraine would approach joining the European Union. “The Russian president must understand that there is a community of democratic countries with the rule of law in his neighborhood that are closer to each other than before,” Scholz said, adding that “(Putin) is … Read more

European natural gas futures jump after US LNG plant explosion

Europe’s main natural gas contract jumped on Thursday on fears that an explosion at a liquefied natural gas plant in the United States could reduce exports to the continent. Dutch TTF gas futures jumped 16% in early action to €91.90 per megawatt hour, following the explosion at the Freeport LNG facility in Texas. Reuters reported … Read more

The UAE economy in 2023.. “The Central Bank” expects a jump in growth

The Central Bank of the UAE raised its estimates of real GDP growth in the country to 4.2% next year 2023, compared to 3.3% previously. In its annual report for 2021, the Central Bank estimated the growth of non-oil GDP by 3.9% in 2023, compared to 3.3% in its previous estimates. It also expected the … Read more

Inditex, owner of the Zara brand, announces a profit jump | Business

The world’s largest clothing retail chain reported its net profit up 80 percent in the first three months of fiscal year compared to the same period last year. The network earned 760 million. profit (USD 812 million) compared to EUR 440 million. EUR 470 million (USD 470 million) in the first quarter of the financial … Read more

Arizona, a man drowns while three police officers watch: “I’m not going to jump into the water for you”

A man drowned in Lake Tempe Town, Arizona, while three police officers stood watching him die, explicitly refusing to intervene to save him. As documented by the videos taken from the body-cam of the officers, the episode took place around 5 am on May 28, when the victim, 34-year-old Sean Bickings, was stopped for an … Read more

In Lithuania – a jump in COVID-19 cases: 215 people were infected and 1 death was recorded

191 people were infected for the first time and 24 for the second time. The hospitals are currently treating 85 patients with COVID-19, ten of whom are in resuscitation. The number of new primary cases of coronavirus in 14 days was 100 thousand. The population reaches 53.5 per cent, the rate of seven-day positive diagnostic … Read more

Germany is increasing its minimum wage. “The biggest wage jump in a life for 6 million people”

The German parliament passed a minimum wage increase from October 1 to October 12 on Friday (3.5.2022) euro per hour. Currently, the minimum wage is 9.82 euros. In July, it will increase to EUR 10.45. For the party new one The bill was voted by the parties of the government coalition – the SPD, the … Read more