The Czechs’ spending on shops jumped. Inflation does not take away their desire to buy yet

Retail sales in the Czech Republic jumped by 13.2 percent year on year in November after a six percent increase in October. This follows from data from the Czech Statistical Office (CSO). According to him, however, the comparison is limited by sales restrictions in 2020. On the other hand, month-on-month, after-sales, sales fell by one … Read more

Steam’s peak concurrent users jumped by 10 million in two years – Gaming – News

Steam has now set a new user record; there were 28.2 million concurrent users in the past weekend. Exactly two years ago, there were ten million fewer users simultaneously online on the game platform. The current peak of over 28.2 million concurrent players is a new record, as reports the Twitter account SteamDB. The number … Read more

Like B. Vanagas – a Dutch truck jumped on several hills, crashed and crashed irreparably

This time, Dutch racer Maurik Van Den Heuvel, who is taking part in a truck race, was unlucky. The athlete, who fought successfully, turned sadly into the last section of the stage – 32 km before the finish. The accident was similar to the accident of Benedict Vanags – without seeing the hills, Maurik Van … Read more

Analysts: December inflation jumped to 6.6 percent. And it will get worse

Year-on-year inflation jumped over six percent in November to about 6.6 percent, according to analysts. This corresponds to an average inflation rate of 3.8 percent for the whole of last year. It is the highest since 2008. According to analysts contacted by ČTK, the driving force of growth at the end of the year was … Read more

Prices in the euro area have not risen so fast. They jumped five percent

Inflation in the eurozone rose to five percent in December, the highest level since the introduction of the single European currency, the euro twenty years ago. This was announced by Eurostat, the European Statistical Office, in a quick estimate. Energy and food prices rose in particular. In the first case, statisticians report growth of 26 … Read more

After the 2nd stage, Macík keeps up with the fastest, Šoltys jumped forward

There is no shortage of surprises during the Dakar Rally. On Monday, due to rains and a flooded bivouac, the organizers modified the route of the 2nd stage, which was supposed to be marathon according to the original plan. Competitors could also use the help of their mechanics at the finish. Unexpected events, however, the … Read more

Road accidents are not decreasing: Tauragė d. a woman jumped out of a moving car

Due to the fault of drunk drivers – 2 events (in Panevėžys and Vilnius). Cases of vehicle collisions with animals – 17 in Klaipėda, Vilnius, Elektrėnai municipality and Anykščiai (on the A6 Kaunas – Zarasai – Daugavpils highway), Jonava, Kupiškis, Lazdijai, Molėtai, Pakruojis, Radviliškis (2), Širvintos (2), Tauragė, Telšiai, Ukmergė, Vilnius districts)). According to preliminary … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio saw two puppies in danger from drowning in a cold river during filming, and jumped to the water to save them (Video)

Getty Images; camilamorrone/InstDiCaprio and his dogs Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, revealed the story of saving the lives of two puppies while filming Netflix’s new movie ‘Money Lookup’. He took his two Siberian Husky puppies to the shooting site. page sixAccording to reports, DiCaprio rescued two puppies in 2020 and is raising them. The dogs’ names are … Read more

“He jumped on me and I fell”

Posted on Sunday, December 19, 2021 at 3:44 p.m. As she strolled quietly in the woods with Lilly and Bo, everything changed for Leonie, who was very afraid of never seeing her animals again. Leonie De Smet was walking with her two spitz-wolves in the woods in Lembeke, East Flanders, when everything changed. The Belgian … Read more