FC Barcelona – La Liga: Eric Garcia’s Barcelona move halted until June as Koeman fails to convince presidential candidates

FC Barcelona – La Liga Met with Laporta, Font and Freixa Ronald Koeman attended a meeting between the three Barcelona presidential candidates and the club’s president of the Economic Strategy Committee Carles Tusquets to request the imminent signing of Manchester City‘s centre-back Eric Garcia. However, the Dutcman did not manage to convince Joan Laporta, Victor … Read more

‘Suicide of a frustrated actress’ strengthens its season each month until June

«It is an old demand of the profession», assures Fernando Navas, a member of the Gran Canaria company Profetas de Mueble Bar together with Carmelo Alcántara and Juan Ramón Pérez, about the seasonal theater formula that they are testing «successfully» with the assembly ‘ Suicide of a frustrated actress’, in which Hermi Orihuela gives life … Read more

La Jornada – Metal Film Festival, in June; organizers launch call

In the cinema, heavy metal has been represented in various ways. Incarnated as a pair of mindless metalheads in comedy Airheads (1999), in a mockumentary like This is Spinal Tap (1984) or just as part of the soundtrack, as in the version of the classic from 1990 It, with roles from bands like Anthrax, Anvil … Read more

If the loan is accepted, the renovation of the football stadium will start in June – Solothurn City – Solothurn

If everything had gone according to the city planning department’s plan, then today we would be in the middle of the renovation work on the football stadium. Already in autumn 2019, the loan for the work was applied for in the municipal council, but the council rejected the deal. The contract between FC Solothurn and … Read more

Microsoft announces that Earth, the AR version of Minecraft, will be discontinued on June 30

The popular game Minecraft It has been with us for more than 10 years, with versions for computers, consoles, mobile phones and VR viewers. However, success or luck has not accompanied Minecraft Earth, the bet of Microsoft to compete in the world of AR against Pokemon Go’s Niantic Labs. In less than six months, on … Read more

Minecraft Earth comes to an end with the closure of its servers, so it can no longer be played or downloaded from June

The beginning of the end. Minecraft Earth, one of Microsoft’s most ambitious projects, has decided to finalize the title. The game allows us place blocks and buildings in real life thanks to the virtual reality functions of mobile devices. As you can imagine, exploring your city is essential to reflect the best possible experience. Due … Read more

The website of the Ministry of Health explains the four stages that are planned until June 2021

The Ministry of Health has just released a new website focused on information on the vaccination strategy in Spain for COVID-19. Vacunacovid.gob.es thus becomes the new official portal with government information on the vaccine plan.

A general map of said plan is drawn on the web, from its stages to the most frequently asked questions about vaccination. In the same way, links to official documentation related to other vaccination plans at the European level, as well as research projects or regulations related to COVID-19.

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Count of celebrities who left us this 2020

This year, it was a year of many losses, so we have decided to do the following count on famous people who died in 2020. January Jesus Alfonso Escoboza Huerta, better known as la Parka, it was a Triple fighter who died in January 11 due to kidney failure after suffering an accident in October … Read more

Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic – Paid leave, RTT, CDD: the Labor Code is relaxed until June 30, 2021

Credits: © Alize – stock.adobe.com Paid leave, CET, rest days, fixed-term contracts (CDD) and short-term contracts, labor loans … The temporary arrangements exceptionally taken in March and June 2020 are extended by 6 months in order to enable businesses to adapt to the economic, financial and social consequences of the epidemic. This is indicated by … Read more