Milla Grosberghaugen Andreassen junior world champion in 20 kilometers

STRONG GOLD: Milla Grosberghaugen Andreassen, here from the NM in Gjøvik, has two medals in this year’s junior WC. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB Milla Grosberghaugen Andreassen (17) parked the rest of the field and took her second medal in the Junior WC. Published: Yesterday 20:11 Updated yesterday 22:55 In the historic Olympic tracks in … Read more

“Rec Presents Junior Dream Festival ~ALL STAR Jr FESTIVAL 2023~” will be held at Korakuen Hall on March 1st (Wednesday)! Advance tickets will be on sale from January 29th (Sun)! | Professional Wrestling Noah Official Site

“Rec Presents Junior Dream Festival ~ALL STAR Jr FESTIVAL 2023~” will be held at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on March 1st (Wednesday)! Advance tickets will be on sale from January 29th (Sun). In addition, PPV distribution has been decided at New Japan Pro-Wrestling World! Details will be announced as soon as they are decided. *In … Read more

Malak El Allami takes part in the Australian Open Junior Championships – Today Morocco

Moroccan Malak El Allami will take part in the final draw of the Australian Open Junior Tennis Championships, one of the Grand Slam tournaments, from January 21 to 28. As part of his participation in this trophy, El Allami began a preparation tour, marked by a final of the W15 tournament in Monastir in Tunisia … Read more

Second place in the team relay for Latvia in the junior PK competition in luge sports

The Latvian national team won the second place in the team relay in the luge sport of the sixth round of the Junior World Cup (JWC) on Saturday at the Austrian track in Bludenc. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Zane Kaluma finished second behind the German Antonia Plechmane in the first stage, while … Read more

Very good news. Junior representative Pinkas won his battle with cancer

Nineteen-year-old hockey player Matěj Pinkas was cured of cancer, which he had been battling since last October. The junior representative announced the good news on Instagram. “Cancer-free!!! I am very happy that I can finally say it. I thank everyone from the oncology department of the Motol University Hospital and also those who supported me … Read more

Bayreuth junior professor researches means of transport for cancer drugs

The Bayreuth junior professor Dr. In a study, Meike Leiske demonstrated which properties polymers should have in order to only reach certain cells. In the future, this should allow active substances to reach cancer cells directly and spare the healthy cells. Due to their diversity and comparatively low manufacturing costs, synthetic polymers are promising carrier … Read more

Reasons for Alumni of SMAN 6 Jakarta Plonco Junior at Pesanggrahan: Near the House of One of the Alumni Page all

JAKARTA, – A number of alumni SMAN 6 Jakarta deliberately chose a field in the Pesanggrahan area, South Jakarta, as an arena for bluffing his juniors. In fact, SMAN 6 Jakarta is known to be located at Jalan Mahakam I, No. 2, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The Head of Pesanggrahan Police Commissioner (Pol) Nazirwan … Read more

A 91-year-old billionaire in Barbados with a bride 25 years his junior. They didn’t know they were being photographed

Rupert Murdoch for years he has been considered the richest media magnate. As the owner of News Corporation, he has the power to, among other things, over Australian Sky News, HarperCollins publishing house, New York Post and The Times, and his fortune in March 2022 was estimated at over USD 21 billion. As it turns … Read more

Luge duo Rinks/Egorov wins the world junior championship

Latvian luge duo Kaspars Rinks/Vitālijs Yegorovs became world junior champions on Sunday in Bludenc, Austria, while Raimonds Baltgalvi/Krišjānis Brūna were only two thousandths of a second away from the bronze medals. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Zane Kaluma, Rinks and Baltgalvis/Brūns also won bronze medals in the team relay on Sunday. On Saturday, … Read more

Viktor Vandenberghe conquers Belgian junior title, calf injury kills top favorite Corsus | BK cyclocross 2023

In Lokeren, Viktor Vandenberghe has – after a false start – crowned himself as Belgian junior champion. Wies Nuyens and Seppe Van den Boer were allowed on the podium. Top favorite Yordi Corsus gave up with pain in his calf. Viktor Vandenberghe was so motivated that he caused a false start at the beginning of … Read more