The Planetary System: Jupiter and Saturn

Today we will talk about two planets of the Solar system: Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is the largest of our planetary system. It resembles a star and is covered in streaks of swirling clouds. YOU CAN SEE: The curse of Tutankhamen, the terrifying myth of the youngest pharaoh of ancient Egypt discovered by Howard Carter … Read more

JUPITER MADRIK should rehearse!

Tristan Partaix (photo) will delegate two of its residents, Tuesday, to the racecourse of Vincennes (R-4). He delivered his impressions to our journalist Stéphane Davy : “Jupiter Madrik (511) had won well at the beginning of March in Caen. I then preserved it at the end of spring and during the summer in order to … Read more

These are the wonderful images of Jupiter captured by the Juno space probe – FayerWayer

The exploration of our own solar system has made significant progress thanks to individual missions to planets such as the Juno project of the NASA. This space probe traveled to Jupiter in 2011 and arrived in 2016. And in addition to collecting data from the gas giant, it does the same with its surroundings. This … Read more

On a day like today, Voyager 1 ran into Saturn | NASA | Jupiter | Narration | EC Stories | WORLD

departed from Cape Canaveral on September 5, 1977 and, on a day like today, but in 1980, the Voyager 1 ran into Saturn. Only in 2012, it became “the first ship to reach interstellar space” and, today, it maintains the title of being the one that went the furthest in space. What is the importance … Read more

Marshmallows? A planet the size of Jupiter but less dense

Marshmallows? A planet the size of Jupiter but less dense The 3.5 m WUYN telescope at the Kit Peak National Observatory in Arizona, USA, has discovered TOI-3757 b, a star similar to Jupiter in appearance but nearly marshmallow-like in density. It is located 580 light-years from Earth. Of course, new exoplanets are not uncommon, but … Read more

Goodbye! Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 Officially Injected Dead

Jakarta – PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing or YIMM officially stop production Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 in the country. That’s a sign, they are now only focused on marketing the MX King 150 in the fast duck segment. Yamaha’s certainty to stop the production of Jupiter MX was also confirmed by YIMM’s Asst GM Marketing, … Read more

Watch the sky after sunset.. The moon is paired with Jupiter today – Sada El-Bald Sada El Balad

In the sky of the Arab world, the conjunction of the moon with Jupiter, the giant of our solar system, is observed today, Friday, after sunset and the beginning of the night, as they are separated by about two degrees in a very beautiful view easily seen with the naked eye. According to the Jeddah … Read more

They discover a planet as big as Jupiter and as light as a marshmallow

Posted at 18:18 ET (22:18 GMT) Thursday, November 3, 2022 playing 0:55 Posted at 19:26 ET (23:26 GMT) Friday, November 4, 2022 1:14 Posted at 18:33 ET (22:33 GMT) Friday, November 4, 2022 0:56 Posted at 11:19 ET (15:19 GMT) Friday, November 4, 2022 0:26 Posted at 15:27 ET (19:27 GMT) Thursday, November 3, 2022 … Read more

Order of 8 Planets with the Fastest Rotation in the Solar System, from Jupiter to Venus: Okezone Education

JAKARTA – The planets in the solar system rotate around the sun. Each planet has a different rotation. Evidence of planets in our solar system rotating is the existence of day and night. One rotation of the planet around the sun is equal to one day. In our solar system there are eight planets that … Read more

Scientists Discover New Planet Very Similar To Marshmallow With Its Soft Atmosphere

BOY ZONE – The universe is so strange, and planet–planet even weirder. There is rain diamond in a few planetthere is also a pressure that can destroy a human in a second. Now, scientists have discovered a planet similar long distance Marshmallow. This “soft” planet is officially called TOI-3757 b and scientists estimate planet it … Read more