Trafficking in Influences in Abramovich’s Naturalization Process | Investigation

Motives of “national interest” that “involve the Government itself”, B’nai B’rith International – the largest and oldest Jewish organization in the world – and a group of Portuguese Sephardic Jews “listed in the Forbes” were invoked by the Israeli Community of Porto (CIP) to convince the management of the Conservatória dos Registos Centrais (CRC) to … Read more

Prosecutor convicted of corruption has been paid €5,600 without working for three years | Justice

Prosecutor Orlando Figueira, sentenced to six years and eight months in prison at the end of 2018 for having been corrupted by former Angolan vice president Manuel Vicente within the scope of Operation Fizzhas been receiving a gross monthly salary of 5600 euros from the Ministry of Justice for three years, without being working.

Properties will have a unique identification number | Territory

The year 2022 marks the beginning of a new stage in the history of property in Portugal: from the second semester onwards, the Building Identification Number (NIP) will be launched, a unique registration that will work for properties in the same way as the Citizen card works for individuals, bringing together all information relating to … Read more

Danijoy and Daniel died minutes apart in the same prison. PJ never called to investigate | Investigation

The last time Alice Quaresma dos Santos was with her son Danijoy Pontes, 23, was on 12 July, the day of the trial at the Central Criminal Court in Lisbon that handed down her sentence. With no criminal record, with a clean record, Danijoy was sentenced to six years in prison for the theft of … Read more