Moldovan scammer expelled from Portugal went into hiding in Lisbon

Roberto Bessa Moreira January 25, 2022 at 4:13 pm Immigrant was expelled from the country in 2016, but returned to Portugal after committing fraud in Moldova. An international arrest warrant issued by Interpol allowed the SEF to detain him for a second time. A 40-year-old Moldovan immigrant spent two years illegally in Portugal and was … Read more

Driver kidnaps for four hours to withdraw money

Alexander Panda January 25, 2022 at 2:48 pm A 41-year-old man, already with several criminal records, kidnapped a motorist in Trofa for four hours to withdraw money from ATMs. He was detained by the Porto Judiciary Police, in collaboration with the GNR, and is already in preventive detention. The kidnapping took place last Friday. Around … Read more

Departing for Jakarta, this is the agenda for the families of the Astrid and Lael murder victims in search of justice

KUPANG MEDIA – Victim’s family murder Astrid Manafe and Lael Maccabe today left for Jakarta. They will visit Police Headquarters and the Attorney General’s Office to submit a summary of the handling of the Penkase case, which is currently being handled NTT Police. Today the victim’s family will go to Jakarta, Flight at 15:55 WITA, … Read more

Alberto João Jardim escapes trial for defamation and slander | Justice

Nearly 27 years later, a handful of deferrals, half a dozen appeals, and the shelving. THE process that aims the former president of the Regional Government of Madeira, Alberto João Jardim, for the crimes of defamation, injury and abuse of liberty press will come to an end without going to trial.

Violent robber arrested in Matosinhos after half a year on the run

Roberto Bessa Moreira January 24, 2022 at 12:26 pm “Fabinho” escaped the operation of the PJ that, in June of last year, detained three partners who robbed highway service areas. Fugitive continued to commit very violent crimes and did not hesitate to shoot the police The last member of a gang that carried out dozens … Read more

“In terms of effectiveness, justice has gotten worse since the 25th of April”, says Rui Rio | Legislative Elections 2022

Justice is one of Rui Rio’s election themes since he is president of the PSD but had not yet entered this election campaign. This Saturday, in Aveiro, was the subject of “central conversations” and was marked by a sentence that Rio knows to be controversial: “Apart from political judgments, in terms of effectiveness, since the … Read more

PJ called to investigate deaths in the jail of Danijoy and Maria Malveiro

The Judiciary Police (PJ) was called to investigate the deaths of Danijoy Pontes, last September in the Lisbon Prison (EPL), and of Maria Malveiro, in December, in the Tires prison. The decision of the Public Ministry (MP) to ask the PJ to intervene came on November 29, about two months after Danijoy’s death, on September … Read more

And Mattarella unloads the justice scandal on his successor

A re-appointment made in a hurry, without really addressing the reasons why the previous appointment had been canceled by the Council of State: thus describing the resolution by which the High Council of the Judiciary insists on appointing judge Pietro Curzio to the presidency of the Cassation and his colleague Margherita Cassano as his deputy … Read more

And now… Grupo Salinas accuses the SCJN of violating its “human right to justice”

Businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego assured that he will resort to the necessary international instances to defend his right to justice and defense, after the Supreme Court determined that Grupo Elektra must pay more than two billion pesos to the SAT. Mexico City, January 19 (However).– The company Salinas Group accused the Supreme Court of Justice … Read more