An inhabitant of the world named Hamedine Kane

Published on : 26/06/2022 – 16:10 Another beautiful inhabitant of the world who pushes the door of En Sol Majeur. One of those inhabitants who has at least three passions: books, images and sound. An inhabitant of the mood too, who became an artist-director, after having walked on pebbles, in the forests, near a river, … Read more

English soccer fans who want to naturalize Son Heung-min, ‘partner’ of Harry Kane, after losing 0-4 to Hungary

GettyimagesKorea [인사이트] Reporter Ham Chul-min = The England national football team, which is said to be the epitome of soccer, lost to Hungary 0-4 at home. England’s best striker, Harry Kane, was also silent. Accordingly, among British fans, there is a growing demand for Son Heung-min, who jointly scored 41 goals with Kane. On the … Read more

Humiliated by Hungary, Harry Kane makes himself even more ridiculous with a grotesque simulation (video)

England suffered one of the worst clashes in their history last night against Hungary. The Three Lions lost 0-4 at home against the surprising Hungarians. While they were busy being corrected, the English looked helpless. Like its captain Harry Kane who tried to fake a foul in the rectangle to get a penalty. His deceit … Read more

The historic debacle of England! Southgate out? Stupid question, Captain Kane defends coach

Ten days ago, the Hungarians defeated England for the first time since 1962 and now they have repeated the same piece even on the opponent’s field. “We chose a slightly rejuvenated line-up, and when the match began to unfold to our detriment, it was obvious. I take full responsibility, I did not find the right … Read more

Kane wonders: Why is Mane leaving Liverpool?

London (dpa) Former Irish football star Robbie Keane has asked why any player would leave Liverpool in order to join Bayern Munich.Kane’s question comes amid strong controversy over the possibility of Senegalese striker Sadio Mane moving from Liverpool to Bayern this summer.Kane, the former Liverpool star, said: If Mane leaves Liverpool, it will be a … Read more

Harry Kane outperforms Messi and Ronaldo

With his goal against the German national team, which came from the penalty mark, English striker Harry Kane managed, last Tuesday night, to outperform Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine Lionel Messi. Kane managed to score his 50th goal in 71 games, while Ronaldo needed 114 games to achieve his 50th goal, while Messi needed 107 games … Read more

Harry Kane sends a message to Son Hyung after winning the Golden Boot

English star Harry Kane, Tottenham player, sent a letter to his colleague Son Heung MinAfter being crowned the Premier League top scorer, jointly with Mohamed Salah. Son Heung scored two goals in yesterday’s match between Tottenham Norwich City, in the last round of the English Premier League. Son Heung equaled with Mohamed Salah in the … Read more

Sheringham persuades Kane: Spurs are easier to win trophies than Manchester United – yqqlm

Original title: Sheringham persuades Kane: Spurs are easier to win trophies than Manchester United On May 19, Beijing time, according to the “Mirror” report, Manchester United & Tottenham double star Sheringham advised Harry Kane to stay in Tottenham, where he has a better chance of winning the title than going to Manchester United. Sheringham, as … Read more

Antonio Conte Targeted to Train Lionel Messi Cs at PSG, Harry Kane Ketar-ketir: Okezone Bola

LONDON – Striker Tottenham HotspurHarry Kane, commenting on the future of the coach, Antonio Conte, which is still unclear. Finding that Conte is now being targeted as coach of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Kane is also worried about the coach’s future. Because, Kane has high hopes about Antonio Conte’s career at Tottenham. He wants to continue … Read more