Assoc. Dr. Vaccination warning against the increase in measles cases from Kara!

AU Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Tuğçe Tural Kara pointed out that there has been an increase in measles cases recently. Stating that childhood vaccination was 98 percent in 2019, Assoc. Dr. Kara said that there has been a decrease in the rate of vaccination due to irregular migration … Read more

Kaf scores the points for the Asco Kara match in favor of Future with the African Confederation “document”

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) decided to count the Future match against Asco Kara, which was held in the first round of the group stage of the African Confederation Cup this season, in favor of Future, after the match ended in a positive draw, with a goal to one. Behind the scenes of the … Read more

Investor Miček owes a billion. An auction of paintings is supposed to help him

On the internet portal, the auction of 25 paintings and art photographs from the property of investor Michal Mička, former owner of the companies Kara Trutnov and Pietro Filipi, has started. Mička is insolvent and the court granted him debt relief. Paintings and photographs, the starting price of which ranges from 16,050 crowns to … Read more

prof. Dr. Mask and vaccine warning from Ateş Kara against the possibility of an increase in Covid-19 and flu cases!

“Mask” warning from the Scientific Committee Member! Hacettepe University (HU) Faculty of Medicine Department of Child Health and Diseases Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Ateş Kara answered his questions about increasing upper respiratory tract infections. Stating that there are different upper respiratory tract infections in circulation at the moment, Kara said that the infections that dominate … Read more

KARA 15th Anniversary New Song Teaser Exposure! “Reserve an empty seat at the dining table” for the details of He Lazang’s thoughts | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

Reporter Zhang Xiaohan / comprehensive report KARA ushered in the 15th anniversary of its debut this year. Kuili, Seungyeon, Nicole, Zhiying and Lingzhi will release a commemorative album “MOVE AGAIN” on the 29th. In the pre-release preview on the 26th, it can be seen that they are sitting at the dining table and looking at … Read more

How strong is Zhang Weili in attracting gold: he has earned more than 11.95 million yuan in his UFC career – yqqlm

Original title: How strong is Zhang Weili in attracting gold: UFC career has earned more than 11.95 million yuan, the poor children of miners’ families have turned over On November 16, Beijing time, after regaining the championship belt, Zhang Weili’s commercial value also rose. Now the US media has also exposed the income of her … Read more