Respect from opponents: 10 EuroLeague players named which Žalgiris players they would like to invite to their clubs

When considering which Žalgiris players may be the most sought after on the market, DELPHI tried to find out which of them seem the most valuable in the eyes of the rivals. We asked ten Euroleague basketball players which Zalgiris players they would like to invite to their teams if they could. “I think every … Read more

The biting retorts of his compatriots do not change Jokubaitis’ attitude about the summer

On Wednesday, the Spanish vice-champions withstood the last push of “Žalgiris” on the island of Nemunas, winning 77:66 and ending the series with a “dry” result of 3-0. When R. Jokubaičius, who was traditionally thrown into the fight after the substitution, was driving the ball, it bounced off his leg and flew to the sidelines, … Read more

“Žalgiris” season in the Euroleague is over, in the final four in Kaunas – “Barcelona” of Jasikevicius

“Žalgiris” ended the international season and entered the final four of the Euroleague “Barcelona“. At the beginning of the match, the home team was stuck in attack and in the second half of the first half, they fell behind by a double-digit difference (3:13). Refreshing the attack, mostly thanks to the efforts of Tomas Dimsha, … Read more

The “Zalgiris” arena has a record number of fans

There are 15,293 spectators in the arena. This is the record attendance for this season’s game. Prior to that, the largest audience was recorded on January 20 in a match against Belgrade “Crvena zvezda” (15,272). This season, 14,809 spectators supported “Žalgiris” in the regular season in the home arena on average. This is the record … Read more

“Barcelona” security did not lack attention to “Zalgiris” fans (video) in 2023 April 29 13:29 “Zalgiris” fans in the “Palau Blaugrana” arena Photo: Stop shot aA The first two matches of the EuroLeague playoff series between “Barcelona” and “Žalgiris” held in Barcelona were exhausting for the fans of the Kaunas club, who came to the capital of Catalonia hoping to buy tickets for the … Read more

The captain, blocked by the strategist, had a warning for his teammates

Linas JociusDELFI Sports journalist, in 2023 April 1 13:05 “Just look under your feet, don’t mention the logo”, Edgaras Ulanovas warned the journalists who entered the “Žalgiris” locker room in a firm voice. “Zalgiris” celebrated this week two vital victories, but they were achieved without a more solid contribution from the captain. It was … Read more

K. Maksvytis – about the changes in “Fenerbahçe”, the return of I. Taylor and Sh. Napier, who is raging in Milan

Having lost absolute leader Keenan Evans due to an Achilles tendon injury at the beginning of the match against Istanbul “Fenerbahçe”, Kaunas “Žalgiris” rallied, Laurynas Birutis played a career match in the EuroLeague, and the guests from Turkey were beaten 86:66 on Nemunas Island. The students of Kazis Maksvytis fought back and then won three … Read more

How could one shot change the fate of “Zalgiris” in the Euroleague?

This is best illustrated by an example involving two teams that fought each other on Thursday evening – Kaunas “Žalgiris” and Piraeus “Olympiakos”. These teams also played against each other in the penultimate season of 2018-2019. in the regular season round. In that game, a player whose EuroLeague career lasted just eight games made a … Read more

French press: “Zalgiris” chances and the only consolation in Kaunas

Friday morning in France dawned on painful global events: Another bloody Russian missile attack in Ukraine, killing 11; Massacre in Hamburg center of Jehovah’s Witnesses; Confirmation of Chinese President Xi Jinping for a third term and Vladimir Putin’s congratulations to the leader of the Chinese Communist Party. And France’s biggest sports daily L’Equipe has once … Read more

Revealed information: this is how the Euroleague money cake is cut and how much “Žalgiris” receives

The EuroLeague’s principles of slicing the financial pie have been the subject of much debate among EuroLeague clubs. In search of a suitable model and more income, the long-time manager of the Euroleague, Jordi Bertomeu, also lost his post. Despite the competition in the standings and quality basketball, the collected income did not please the … Read more