Windows 11 will inaugurate a keyboard shortcut to easily mute your PC’s microphone

In a future update Windows 11 will integrate a new shortcut allowing to quickly cut the microphone integrated in a PC. Microsoft is indeed testing in an Insider build, a new button integrated in the taskbar, within the hidden icon drawer, to disable access to the microphone in one click. The arrival of this new … Read more

“Aom Skawjai” strikes back at the keyboard after being accused News about winning the lottery

“Aom Skawjai” strikes back at the keyboard after being accused News about winning the lottery There’s a lot of drama for a young actress. “Aom Skawjai Poonsawat” In recent times, the news often comes out to post pictures of winning the lottery in a row. together for many periods Because the son who loves “Young … Read more

Razer introduces mouse and keyboard with silent switches for work environment – Computer – News

Razer is releasing successors to the wireless mouse, keyboard and mouse pad that the company added to its Productivity Suite last year. According to the manufacturer, the mouse and keyboard have silent switches, which also contributes to their suitability for the workplace. The new wireless keyboard is the Pro Type Ultra and the Pro Click … Read more

ROG launches premium gaming laptop Zephyrus S17, the first with an optical mechanical keyboard that can be lifted

Republic of Gamers (ROG) Announces ROG Zephyrus S17 Premium Gaming Notebook That comes with an Optical mechanical keyboard that can be raised to an angle of 5 degrees, increasing the heat dissipation area unrivaled. To iron the maximum efficiency of the machine to use All this is included in a slim body to meet the … Read more

Mew Sirilaphat sues Laksaen keyboard troll The wrongdoer has a price to pay. incomparable to a short life

Today, October 18, 2021, Mew Sirilaphat, along with a lawyer, came to the Ratchada Criminal Court to file a lawsuit against a keyboard troll for defamation by advertising. After the other party commented under Mew’s post with harsh and vulgar words. by Mew Sirilaphat Open your mind that today the parties did not come to … Read more

Bum Panadda can’t stand it! Prepare to sue the keyboard troll called 5 million! Waiting to receive a subpoena too!

It made the famous MC Bum Panadda Wongpuo the most angry. When there is a keyboard troll Came in to comment, accusing, “Is it fun to bring donations to travel and play? If personal money doesn’t ask for complaints But if the donation This is not used correctly. Separate too will not be condemned Do … Read more

Good deal – The Logitech K800 “4 star” backlit wireless keyboard at 74 €

With its comfortable and quiet typing and its unique backlight when it was released in 2010, the K800 has long been a benchmark for wireless keyboards. However, with the passage of time and changes in the market, today we prefer to advise you on the MX Keys. Its advantages Soft and silent strike Optionally, wired … Read more

Healing cute master Kabo is here! Logitech X co-branded keyboard and mouse with cats, cats, insects, and Kabo, madly instigating “softness with strength” craze | 4Gamers

Leading the trend once again, Logitech X and Mao Mao Chong Kabo jointly launched the Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse Logitech is co-branded with the super-popular healing lover-Kabo, and launched the “Logitech X Diary of Cats and Insects Kabo with Power” co-branded wireless mouse combo and keyboard and mouse gift box. From work, life to imagination, … Read more

Logitech X Cat Cat Chong Kabo Launches Co-branded Keyboard and Mouse Products-Page 1-Computer Gaming Related Discussion Area

[Source/Logitech] Everyone is looking forward to Logitech’s co-branded illustration products again! Hand in hand with the Internet to vote for the super popular to heal the cute host, and effortlessly conquer the “Kabo” of the meaty people, and jointly launch the “Logitech X Diary of Cats, Insects, Kabos, and Powers” co-branded wireless mouse combination and … Read more