S-Rise Co., Ltd. x SSG.com, ‘TOP Brand Selection Commemoration’ iPad Keyboard Case Combo Touch Discount Promotion

S-Rise Co., Ltd. (CEO: Sa Seung-mok), an official Logitech distributor, announced that it will hold an event for the iPad keyboard case ‘Logitech Combo Touch’ through SSG.com’s ‘TOP 30 Brand Selection Commemorative Promotion’. This ‘TOP 30 Brand Selection Commemorative Promotion’ will be held from September 19th to 25th, and an additional 5% download coupon will … Read more

I’m sorry I dragged you to show the keyboard – Inven

▲ “Is this a true story? It’s a battle between the world’s strongest people.” HyperX, a gaming peripheral brand of HP, announced a lineup of gaming peripherals produced in collaboration with ‘Naruto Shippuden’, which is loved in the domestic market and around the world. The gaming peripherals in this lineup feature designs inspired by Naruto … Read more

Kingston IronKey Keypad 200: USB stick encrypted via keyboard

About important and/or private data such as access data, private photos, customer data and the like. USB sticks are a good choice if you want to carry them with you, use them on mobile devices when you’re on the move, or at different locations, or on someone else’s computer. In order to protect the data … Read more

ASUS ROG STRIX SCOPE RX TKL WIRELESS DELUXE review, a keyboard with all the elements of high-end

If you like and enjoy PC games, you may have been interested in a gaming keyboard at least once. The performance of a general office keyboard cannot keep up with the performance of a professional gaming keyboard, so it is a natural result to fall behind in the game. PCs communicate in milliseconds, so in … Read more

Corsair announces K100 Air flat mechanical keyboard – Computer – News

I do wonder whether the ‘wire’ in this case only serves as a power supply or also as a data connection. Gaming and wireless equipment really don’t go together for me, especially not with shooters and even if the delay would be ‘not noticeable’. And I don’t think 50 hours is much for wireless use. … Read more

MelGeek’s new mechanical keyboard Pixel, highly customizable with LEGO bricks

In the past, iRocks (Eric) has introduced keyboards that allow users to install and stack Lego bricks, and the new mechanical keyboard Pixel, launched by MelGeek, can also install various Lego bricks around the keyboard, at the bottom, and even directly. Use Lego bricks as keycaps. The Pixel itself has not been authorized by the … Read more

MIIC launches IPX7 waterproof mechanical keyboard ‘Quantum Mechanic’

MC Co., Ltd., a company specializing in computer peripherals, is launching ‘Quantum Mechanic’, a mechanical keyboard officially certified for the IPX7 waterproof rating. While most of the mechanical keyboards previously released remained at the waterproof level, the ‘Quantum Mechanical’ keyboard is a product certified with IPX7 rating, which is classified as completely waterproof. The internal … Read more

Keychron mechanical keyboard Released a new model, Ultra-Slim wireless mechanical keyboard.

become a must-have device for mechanical keyboard or mechanical keyboard which is now not only popular among gamers only but also spread to working people and has become a matter of lifestyle from direct experience of users said in the same voice: “If you have tried it Your typing will never be the same again.” … Read more

Set up YouTube for Mac keyboard shortcuts, you know, more comfortable to use.

For those of you who often watch videos on YouTube, today we have a shortcut for Youtube for Mac to share. You know, it’s definitely more comfortable to use. YouTube for Mac keyboard shortcuts you know, more comfortable to use. For anyone who has watched various videos on Youtube, you probably already know that. We … Read more