Monstar Gear Launches the 2nd Generation of Pastel Color Airline Cables for Custom Keyboards

Monster Gear, a custom brand of custom keyboard and water-cooled PC venture giant Monstar Co., Ltd. (CEO: Seung-jae Lee), has released the second generation of pastel-colored aviation cables for custom mechanical keyboards. 5 types of aviation cables newly introduced by MONSTA GEAR are decorated in various pastel colors and have colorful charms. Purple/Mint/Sky/Yellow/Pink color goes … Read more

RK Pro series wireless mechanical keyboards with interchangeable shafts 84 Pro, 100 Pro and 68 Pro are launched in Taiwan corresponding to different key configurations (181391)

The 84 Pro adopts 75% and 84 sets of buttons, and is equipped with RK’s own red and brown switches. It has a built-in 3750mAh battery, which can be used for 200 hours in wireless connection mode. The 68 Pro adopts 65% and 68 sets of buttons. Configuration, with RK’s own red switch design, while … Read more

[There is a piece of film]Netizens make Windows 11 smartphones that can be connected to keyboards and mice to actually work

While there have been many examples of the Windows 11 operating system running on Android phones in the past, most of them were poorly compatible, slow or unusable for most features. Recently, a well-known foreign YouTuber shared a mobile phone using the Windows 11 system, which not only runs smoothly, can use most functions, and … Read more

Why Laptop Keyboards Don’t Work? Page all – Problem keyboard or the keyboard on the laptop suddenly doesn’t work often happens. For those of you who use a laptop with an operating system Windows 10, may also have experienced this problem. If, you are having problems keyboard laptop not working, you need to find out the cause first. There are various … Read more

with these keyboards it works

If you want to enter text on the Apple Watch, there are many ways to do so. With the Apple Watch Series 7 An extra option is added: a keyboard on the screen. In addition, there are dedicated keyboard apps for the Apple Watch, you can enter text via your iPhone and there are alternative … Read more

Razer Announces New HUNTSMAN V2 Series Keyboards Create a Fast-Responsive Optical Gaming Keyboard Through Upgrades and Enhanced Functions

Razer today (17) announced the launch of the Razer Huntsman V2 series, through a series of upgrades and enhancements to create a fast-responsive optical gaming keyboard. New features include Razer’s second-generation optical axis, Razer 8k HyperPolling technology and dual injection molding PBT keycaps, as well as a significantly improved mute effect. The second-generation optical axis-the … Read more