Someone is killing Muslims in New Mexico. A serial killer is behind it, the police believe

The latest killing took place on Friday afternoon in which Nayeem Hossain was shot dead as he was returning from the funeral of the previous two victims, Aftab Hussein and Muhammad Afzaal Hussain. They were also shot: July 26 and August 1. Hossain’s fiancee, who was on the phone with him, suddenly heard a gunshot. … Read more

Missile strikes far from Ukraine front are killing civilians more and more

Oleksii Chumachenko/SOPA Images/Shutterstock NOS News•Monday, 13:57•Amended Monday, 17:52 David van Hulzen editor OSINT Joost Schellevis editor OSINT David van Hulzen editor OSINT Joost Schellevis editor OSINT Rocket attacks on civilian targets far from the frontline in Ukraine are claiming more and more casualties. Research by the NOS shows that strikes on civilian objects such as … Read more

A Russian expatriate goes behind bars for killing a man. He said he mistook him for a bear

The court sentenced Reďkin to one year in prison, but in the end the ex-MP will only spend nine months behind bars, given that he was under house arrest during the investigation. In addition to manslaughter, according to the court, Reďkin was also guilty of illegal hunting. Last August, Redkin shot 30-year-old Andrey Tolstopyatov at … Read more

The thriller “Killing Game” with Maria Bakalova was released in theaters in New York and Los Angeles

The film “Killing Game” (“Bodies Bodies Bodies”) starring Maria Bakalova was released on August 5, Friday, in theaters in New York and Los Angeles, and from August 12 it will be available everywhere in the United States, reports the Associated Press and BTA. In director Halina Rein’s thriller, events are confined to one long night, … Read more

The cruelty of a Lithuanian emigrant shocked British investigators: after killing his lover, he came to go shopping

One of the shoppers who came face-to-face with the gunman, 25-year-old IT professional Phillip Sharratt, told after the incident: “I was buying a beer and I saw a man crawling away.” According to him, T. Uptas approached him, put a gun to his chest and muttered in a strong European accent: “Get out of … Read more

Hellfire: High-precision, effective killing machine used to kill al-Qaeda leader – World

The death of the al-Qaida leader in a drone strike in the middle of the diplomatic quarter of Kabul, Afghanistan, is not just the result of a meticulous spy mission that allowed Ayman al-Zawahiri to be targeted without causing casualties among family members or other civilians. The CIA’s action revealed the effectiveness of the ‘Hellfire’, … Read more

Adi’s pretext for killing his own wife because his children are neglected

attack – Identity a woman’s body in a sack found in Tanara District, Serang, Banten, are initials J (37). J was apparently killed by her own husband. This case began when residents found a sack containing J’s body on the side of the road as well as a garbage disposal. The police immediately launched an … Read more

[Hero turned murderer]Former Mongolian Olympic gold medalist Judo legend sentenced to 16 years in prison for drunkenly killing his friend

Former Mongolian Olympic gold medalist judo legend jailed for 16 years for drunkenly killing friend When you talk, when you are drunk, accidents happen at any time! Naidangiin Tuvshinbayar, who won Mongolia’s first Olympic gold medal in history and is also the former chairman of the Mongolian Olympic Committee, was recently charged with drunkenly killing … Read more

Regrets killing Astri and Lael, Randi Badjideh promises this in front of the judge

KUPANG, VICTORYNEWS – Defendant in the murder of mother and child in Kupang, NTT Astri and Lael, Randi Badjideh confessed that he was sorry for killing Astri and Lael. The regret is expressed Randi Badjideh when reading his defense in court with a reading agenda pledoi from Kupang District CourtMonday (1/8/2022). Randi Badjideh believe that … Read more