Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Accused of Killing King Abdullah For Politics, Intelligence: He Is Dangerous To Earth! – Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia accused kill King Abdullah | for the sake of politics, will be discussed in this article. A former Saudi Arabian intelligence officer and close ally of American intelligence accused the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman once kill Raja. Saad Al Jabri say that Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia … Read more

Warsoni’s trick of killing his wife after making love: Setting the victim sleeping and crying

Jakarta – Warsoni (41) killed his wife with the initials SS (29) after having sex. Warsoni had made a number of tricks after killing his wife. East Jakarta Metro Police Chief (Jaktim) Kombes Budi Sartono said his party was investigating the case after there were reports of unnatural deaths accompanied by evidence of violence. The … Read more

After killing his wife in Duren Sawit, the perpetrator cries pretending not to know what happened

JAKARTA, – The man with the initials W (42) pretended to cry after killing his wife, SS (29), in a rented plot in RT 009 RW 005 Pondok Kelapa, Palm Duren, East Jakarta. East Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Budi Sartono said that initially W was working at a barbershop in the Pondok Kelapa area. … Read more

Parents accused of killing diabetic daughter by taking her medication so she could be cured by God – World

The parents of an eight-year-old diabetic girl are being accused of their daughter’s murder after they allegedly took her insulin medication with the aim of having the disease healed by God. The body of Elisabeth Rose Sruhs was found on January 11 at the family home – which also functioned as a church – in … Read more

A murder took place inside Majbel Batoun on a completed road in Akkar… these are its details

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following statement: On 10-12-2021, the body of the citizen (A. A., born in 1985) was brought to a hospital in Halba, with a gunshot wound. As a result, and as a result of the intensive investigations carried out by the Halba … Read more

A British man with a deadly strain of bird flu has a broken heart after killing ducks he lived with

Alan Gosling said his Muscovy ducks were ‘like family’ (Photo: SWNS) The first British person to be infected with a deadly strain of bird flu says they are heartbroken after their 20 live ducks were slaughtered on New Years Day. Alan Gosling, a 79-year-old grandfather living in Devon, caught the virus after an infection broke … Read more

The viral lies that keep killing us

A year ago it seemed reasonable to expect that by the first months of 2022 we would be talking about COVID-19 in the past, or at least that we would say that this disease is a major problem for health and quality of life. Effective vaccines had been developed with miraculous speed; no doubt a … Read more

The coalition announces the killing of more than 185 Houthi militants

Electronic Union – Abu Dhabi Today, Tuesday, the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced the destruction of 23 military vehicles, and the killing of more than 185 terrorist elements. The coalition said in a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, that “the strikes destroyed 23 military vehicles and eliminated more than 185 … Read more

Experts Confirm that 6 FPI Warriors of Unlawful Killing Victims were Shot

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 – 16:00 WIB VIVA – Three forensic experts who testify at the trial murder arbitrarily (unlawful killing) six members REIT ensure that the victim was shot dead by live bullets. On average, gunshot wounds were found in the chest, penetrating to the back, injuring vital organs such as the lungs and … Read more