Tragedy in Mexico: A train crashed on a car, killing at least 20 people

Local media showed a recording of the security camera showing as of about 10 p.m. 30 min. In local time (Tuesday, 6:30 a.m. Lithuania), one metro rail overpass in southern Mexico collapsed as a train passed through it. “Unfortunately, 20 people have died so far,” including minors, the capital’s mayor Claudia Sheinbaum told reporters. A … Read more

In Brazil, a sword-armed assailant broke into a kindergarten: killing three minors and two workers

“He was taken to hospital in a critical condition,” the police said in a statement. Officials did not mention any possible motive for this horrific attack and indicated that the assailant had not previously come to the attention of law enforcement. “When firefighters came to the kindergarten, they saw a particularly cruel scene. There were … Read more

Why did the beasts in the Tatras have to die? The bear caused problems last year

It was a family of brown bears, according to the portal it was even five individuals. The mother and one cub were killed by conservationists, and three other cubs fled into the forest. The family of bears learned to walk in local containers, last year the bear broke into a building in Smokovec, where … Read more

Accused of killing her child in Bulaq Dakrur: “His father attached to him, so I felt sorry

08:41 PM Monday 26th April 2021 Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi: The investigations of the Bulaq Dakrur Prosecution Office revealed, with the accused of killing her child, that she had killed him by suffocation because of her husband’s beating of her. Since she lives with her co-wife in the same house, she decided to take revenge … Read more

81-year-old man kills his 89-year-old wife before killing himself in Bouffioulx

An octogenarian killed his wife before killing himself last Wednesday in a residence rue de Vire in Bouffioulx (Châtelet, province of Hainaut), said the Charleroi prosecutor’s office confirming information from Sudpresse. Murder followed by suicide is the thesis favored by the judicial authorities. The drama took place last Wednesday in an apartment in the Normandy … Read more

who is the employee accused of killing his father Paolo and wounding his mother

Marco Eletti, 33, by profession a technical employee in a ceramic company in the Reggio area and a writer, was arrested in via Magnanini in San Martino in Rio in the province of Reggio Emilia on charges of the murder of his father and the attempted murder of mother. Paolo Eletti he was found dead … Read more

Indonesia says it has found the missing submarine, killing 53 crew members

“These were parts of the KRI Nanggala 402 – the ship split into three pieces,” said Admiral Yudo Margono, Commander of the Navy. At the time, the commander of the Indonesian army, Hadi Tjahjanto, told reporters that “all 53 crew members on board died.” The country’s authorities announced early Sunday morning that they had recorded … Read more

Alberto (28) accused of killing and eating his mother

On Tuesday this week, the trial against 28-year-old Alberto Sánchez Gómez began in Madrid. The 28-year-old is accused of killing and eating his own mother. In court, the police officers who first arrived at the scene explained about scenes they will soon forget. It writes The country. – I have worked as a police officer … Read more

Alberto Sánchez Gómez (28) is accused of killing and eating his own mother

It writes BBC. Police are said to have gone home to Gómez’s mother after reports of concern from close friends. Gómez, who was banned from visiting her mother after repeatedly using violence against her, was in the apartment and let the police in. – I have worked in the police for nine years, and I … Read more

Chad, the transition starts after the killing of the president: Constitution suspended. Because for France it is a crucial country

He died with honor from injuries received on the battlefield, while in the north of the country he led the military response to the assault of the rebels of Fact, the Front for Alternation and Concorde in Chad. This is the official version of the death yesterday morning of Idriss Deby Itno, president of the … Read more