Today in History: Earthquake in China’s Shaanxi Kills 830,000 People All – This day was 466 years ago, or to be precise on January 23, 1556, earthquake a deadly earth of magnitude 8.0-8.3 shook the Shaanxi region, China. Reported from History, gempa Shaanxi killed about 830,000 people. The calculation of the number of victims may not be entirely accurate, given that this major disaster occurred … Read more – News – Antibiotic resistance kills more people than AIDS or malaria

More than a million people died from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in 2019, a study published on Friday reveals. Some 1.2 million people died in 2019 from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, which represents more deaths than those due to AIDS or malaria, underlines a study published Friday in the journal “The Lancet”. This is the first comprehensive … Read more

Italy now sees the “plateau”. Iss: The virus kills No Vax 33 times more than the three vaccinated

On the day when there is a further sign of a slowdown in the spread of infections in Italy (but we will talk about it later), the Saturday report of the Higher Institute of Health arrives on time, which goes beyond the daily bulletin and confirms once again how, although it is now clear that … Read more

Air Strike on Yemeni Prison Kills and Injures Over 100 People All

SEND, – More than 100 people were killed or injured in air strike in a prison Yaman, said the rescue team on Friday (21/1/2022). Basheer Omar, spokesman for the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) in Yemen, said the death toll was still rising after the attack in Saada, the hometown of the … Read more

Islamic State Attacks Hasaka Prison, Kills Guards and Frees Its Warriors

According to a reporter from the Syrian state agency SANA, the fighting began at night with an attack on their cars loaded with explosives. The fighting in and around the prison on the main road and the Basil junction continued throughout the morning and was not over. According to SOHR, several prisoners managed to escape, … Read more

This is what Warsoni looks like, a hair stylist in East Jakarta kills his wife after making love

Jakarta – Police identified Warsoni (41), a hair stylist in Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta, as a suspect murder. Because Warsoni killed his wife with the initials S (29). “(Working) at the salon as a hair stylist at one of the salons in Pondok Kelapa,” said East Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Budi Sartono during a … Read more

Loris kills the rumors! Al-Ittihad newspaper

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo) It seems that the adventure of French international goalkeeper Hugo Lloris with his English club, Tottenham, will continue for two more years until the “summer of 2024”, and that the rumors about his departure at the end of his contract next summer, or at least not relying on him as a main … Read more

US releases video of drone strike that kills 10 Afghans

loading… The US released a video of a drone strike that killed 10 Afghan civilians in August last year. Photo/NBC WASHINGTON – Pentagon has unlocked the secret and released the video footage drone attack di Kabul, Afghanistan which killed 10 civilians. The attack took place in the last hours of the troop withdrawal United States … Read more

Those who cooked chicken by pouring cold syrup on chicken raised the experts: It kills

With the arrival of the winter months, there has been a serious increase in the cases of other flu infections, especially the coronavirus. Especially many people with severe cold cough shared the new method they found on social media. THEY SPILLED COLD SYRUP ON THE CHICKEN In the videos shared on social media, it was … Read more