Diagnosed high fever kills cancer cells? The reporter’s father “3 months left in the terminal stage of gallbladder cancer” miraculously recovered after being infected | Health | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center / Reported by Chen Jialing ▲The father of a reporter from Southern Weekly, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had only three months to live. Unexpectedly, he recovered miraculously after contracting the epidemic. (Picture/Recap from Southern Weekend) The multiple symptoms of the new coronavirus, such as fever, muscle aches, fatigue, general weakness, cough, … Read more

Mozart’s Mercenary Group Trains Ukrainian Soldiers Kills Russian Troops

loading… The Mozart Group has admitted training Ukrainian soldiers to kill Russian troops on the front lines. Photo/Ed Ram/The Guardian KIEV – Group mercenaries The Mozart Group admits training soldiers Ukraine to kill the team Russia on the front line. This acknowledgment was conveyed by the founder and CEO to Afshin Rattan from Russia Today … Read more

Combination of infection and bacteria kills young people, doctors UMCG alert

‘No, I think that would really mean giving too many people antibiotics. This in turn has the disadvantage that these bacteria become resistant to it. These are really patients who have a completely different clinical picture than at the GP. No cold or flu. They become so ill within a day that they vomit violently, … Read more

Mother strangles two little children and kills them, then attempts suicide: the alarm given by her husband

A 32-year-old mother killed her two young children and seriously injured her third aged just 7 months before attempting suicide. The woman suffered from postpartum depression. Lindsay Clancy, 32, from Plymouth, Massachusetts (USA), strangled two of her young children and nearly killed the third before attempting to commit suicide by jumping out the window. The … Read more

Shoot Duel, Russian Sniper Kills Western Armed Ukrainian Legendary Sniper

loading… Identity card of Oleg Nebuvaylo, the legendary Ukrainian sniper who was killed by Russian shooters in a long-range shooting duel. Photo/Telegram/Vladimir Rogov KIEV – One person sniper Russia has killed sniper legendary Ukraine armed Westerners in long-range shooting duels on the Zaporizhzhia battlefield. Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the “We are Together with Russia” movement … Read more

Gunman kills three before committing suicide near Seattle

A man killed three people before killing himself Tuesday in Washington state, police said. This killing is the third in four days in the western United States of America. Two shootings had mourned California, killing eleven and seven within 48 hours of each other and hitting the Asian community in particular, from which most of … Read more

Incident is not the strangest .. A dog shoots and kills its owner, the driver!

In an unusual scene – especially since dogs are notoriously loyal – US police announced that a dog shot and killed a man over the weekend, after the animal accidentally stepped on the trigger of a gun in the back seat of a pickup truck. The victim, who was sitting in the front passenger seat … Read more

“How to believe and feed”… Cough syrup kills 300 children

WHO calls for urgent action to strengthen surveillanceCases of casualties rise to 7 countries enlarge photo Children have died after eating cough syrup containing harmful ingredients. [사진 출처 = 픽사베이] More than 300 children have died after eating cough syrups containing harmful ingredients. In a statement on the 23rd (local time), the World Health Organization … Read more

The story of an MMA fighter who kills his biological brother over a gas stove

Wednesday, January 25 2023 – 05:35 WIB VIVA Sports – Elipitua Siregar must languish in home for having made his older brother, Marganti Siregar die from a blow from an ax handle. A man who also works as a fighter MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) District of North Tapanuli (Taput), North Sumatra, was involved fight due … Read more

Serious two-car accident kills 23-year-old man

One of the injured men, a 23-year-old from The Hague, has been arrested as a suspect. He is believed to have been driving under the influence, police said. His involvement is still under investigation, as are the circumstances of the accident and the involvement of the other car. Anyone who saw the collision or has … Read more