“Kim Woo Seok” is very impressed by Thai Nia. filled with happiness

universal entertainment August 10, 2022 – 12:29 “Kim Woo Seok” is very impressed by Thai Nia. filled with happinessTo each other deeply in the work KIM WOO SEOK 1st FANMEETING in BANGKOK : NNN It ended up being very impressive with the job. KIM WOO SEOK 1st FANMEETING in BANGKOK : NNN On August 6, … Read more

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson: This is the reason for their breakup

It’s over, over! Kim Kardashian (41) has split from Pete Davidson (28) after nine months. Now more and more details about the love of the two leak through. “Pete is 28 and Kim is 41 – they’re just somewhere else in life right now,” a source told Page Six. “Pete is super spontaneous and impulsive … Read more

The detail that caused the split between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

After 9 months of a relationship that seemed ideal, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson separate. A breakup that sent shockwaves through fans of the Kardashian family as the couple seemed closer than ever and ready to move on. The comedian had notably mentioned his desire to become a father in the years to come and … Read more

“If I stay in the hospital for two years because I’m injured, will you take care of me?” Kim Ji-min’s answer to Kim Jun-ho’s question is sweet pumpkin itself (Miwoo Bird)

Send articles on social media Send article to Facebook Send articles to Twitter Send article to Kakao Story Send articles to KakaoTalk Send article to Copy URL Find other shares Kim Ji-min and Kim Jun-ho couple Comedian Kim Jun-ho, who seldom drives due to his ‘closet license’, started driving. It is because of his lover … Read more

Kim Hye-soo, perfect V-line even after eating twice dinner… during the climax [N샷]

Kim Hye-soo Instagram Capture © News 1 Actress Kim Hye-soo showed off her perfect V-line. Kim Hye-soo communicated with netizens by posting a selfie and dinner on her Instagram on the night of the 7th. Kim Hye-soo wrote, “It’s two dinners after going out.” In the photo, Hye-soo Kim is sitting in a car and … Read more

JIFF grand prize ‘Kim Min-young of the report card’, released on September 8… Teaser poster released

Jeonju International Film Festival, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival Grand Prize ‘Kim Min-young of the report card’ will be released on September 8th. ⓒ Etnine Film Co., Ltd. released the release schedule and teaser poster for ‘Kim Min-young of the report card’ on the 8th. ‘Kim Min-young on the Report Card’ is a 20-year-old buddy … Read more

Kim Gu-ra’s retirement broadcast after 17 years… “I did enough” (Greegura)

(Export News Reporter Lee Seul) Kim Gura’s mother has been appearing on TV since 17 years ago, and emphasized her will not to do it again. On the 5th, on the YouTube channel ‘Grigura’, ‘I went into my grandmother’s house to eat watermelon.. Will I be able to avoid the doorbell…? An uninvited guest, Kim … Read more

Is Kim Jong-min finally getting married? Fiancé “I have” remarks suggesting marriage

Photo = Naver Now, TV Chosun Broadcaster Kim Jong-min, who turned 44 this year, sparked rumors of an imminent marriage. When Kim Jong-min’s closest aide, Kang Ho-dong, asked if she was fiance, he answered “yes”, drawing attention to Kim Jong-min’s marriage. Naver NOW aired on August 3rd. Kim Jong-min appeared as the ninth guest on … Read more