Ošlej: Latvenergo dividends are a kind of electricity tax for all its consumers :: Dienas Bizness

The state of Latvia should be more actively involved in price regulation and determination, as many other countries do, because currently, with regard to inflation, especially the rapid increase in energy resource prices, Latvia occupies a free market position – let’s say the prices increased and we can’t do anything about it. Jānis Ošlejs, economist, … Read more

Putin’s potential successor: what kind of wealth is owned by one of Russia’s most powerful people

In order to pay for a luxurious house and apartment in the center of Moscow, N. Patrushev and his wife would have to save for 56 years, not eat or buy anything. The family owns a lot of real estate Journalists of the “FreeDom” project decided to find out how much V. Patrushev earns, who … Read more

A Russian propaganda video circulating on the Internet shocked: what kind of crazy person would want to go to Russia after this?

“It’s time to move to Russia” is the end of a video shared by the Russian Embassy in Spain on its Twitter account at the end of July. Time to move to Russia 🤍💙❤️ pic.twitter.com/4CZL1Nt4Gi — Russia in Spain (@EmbajadaRusaES) July 29, 2022 The video clip, which lasts less than a minute, is a eulogy … Read more

One of a kind. Bugatti reminds us why its 16-cylinder is unique

The development of the engine that we know today as the four-time turbocharged 16-cylinder W16 from Bugatti began as a drawing on a postal envelope in 1997. The then chairman of the VW Group, Ferdinand Karl Piëch, originally sketched an 18-cylinder engine, which gradually evolved into the 8-liter colossus we know today. “At that time, … Read more

The young star announces that he has cancer.. I will start a different kind of match

It is a press conference that no one will want to do, but the Spanish player Kerian Rodriguez, the 26-year-old star of Las Palmas, had all the courage, and did not hesitate to tell the media, “I have cancer .. I have Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” With strength and a lot of integrity, Kerian sat facing the … Read more

Mohamed Salah Kind of Gives a Warning to Manchester City

Leicester – Liverpool conquer Manchester City 3-1 di Community Shield. Mohamed Salah so a scourge, as well as a warning that City must buy a left-back as soon as possible! Liverpool vs Manchester City in the Community Shield takes place on Saturday (30/7) evening WIB at the King Power Stadium. The Reds won 3-1. Liverpool’s … Read more

The Tauragė factory is the largest of its kind in Europe: the pandemic helped win over the Chinese

Taurage the company belongs to the Danish capital group “Jupiter Bach”, whose production is spread all over the world: in Poland, the USA, China, etc. There are two production points in Lithuania: the production of the hulls itself takes place in Taurage, and the raw materials are prepared in Kaunas. The group’s factories around the … Read more

Dogs seem to instinctively recognize a person’s kind intentions

The team from the Veterinary University of Vienna examined 96 dogs of different breeds and ages. He was investigating whether the animal is sensitive to human intentions, for example, whether it responds to them by being reluctant to do something. During the experiment, the researcher sat inside a transparent box that had holes in the … Read more

What will the weather be like in August and what kind of winter awaits us

Record heat in the northern hemisphere. Heat all over Europe. US President Joe Biden even called climate change a “clear and present threat”. Is the climate changing forever or is this heatwave the most normal thing that can happen at the end of July? Our guest in “Studio Actualno“ is forecaster Petar Yankov from the … Read more