UOKiK charges the company Wakacje.pl. A first of its kind in the industry

2023-01-31 09:24, akt.2023-01-31 12:32 publication2023-01-31 09:24 update2023-01-31 12:32 share The President of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny, accused Wakacje.pl from Gdańsk of misleading consumers by incorrectly presenting prices, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection announced on Tuesday. The company is subject to a fine of up to 10%. annual turnover. / UOKiK According to UOKiK, the … Read more

NATO, Turkey | UiO professor criticizes Sweden after Koran burning: – Blasphemy of the worst kind

It threatens Sweden’s chances of becoming a member of NATO. The country is dependent on Turkey’s support to obtain the membership it has applied for. The Turkish president, Recep Erdogan, has been skeptical about Swedish membership, and this week it ended. Swedish police allowed the Danish right-wing extremist Rasmus Paludan, party leader of Stram Kurs, … Read more

One of a kind. The Mercedes-AMG One with an F1 engine will never happen again

Without a successor, the reincarnation of the circuit formula will remain as a touring car. The limited edition Mercedes was created at the last possible moment and will forever remain the only one of its kind. More than five years of protracted problems are over and Mercedes has finally started delivering the first pieces of … Read more

She won a fortune as a teenager. “I don’t wish this kind of money on anyone”

In 2013, just 17-year-old Jane Park from Edinburgh won the £1 million jackpot on the Euromillions lottery. She wasn’t happy then. She gave interviews and posed for photo shoots. But now, in an interview with Dr. Phil on the American TV show “The Curse of the Lottery,” she confessed that she regretted both revealing her … Read more

Gimpo Koh Hyun-jung lost 15 kg of butterfly, but this kind of glamor makes sense

Singer Nabi revealed her glamorous body despite losing 15kg. Recently, Nabi posted a photo with the caption, “I miss Lee Joo-ni, no, I don’t want to go home. I’m very confused.” In the published photo, Nabi wore a khaki swimsuit and showed off her strong body line. In addition, she showed off her refreshing beauty … Read more

Variable temperature. What kind of weather is expected this week?

Winter. Snow. Snowed. Photo: Lita Miller/LETA The new working week will start without significant precipitation, sometimes the sun will shine. In the middle of the week, a warmer air mass will gradually flow in, with the thermometer rising above the 0° mark in many places. On the other hand, during the weekend, the warm air … Read more

Little S broke down in the early morning and shouted in pain, “This kind of person can’t understand it.” She was speechless when she was answered with one sentence | Entertainment | CTWANT

Little S suffers from insomnia. (Photo / Reposted from Facebook / Xiao S Xu Xidi) Xiao S has a sharp hosting style and is deeply loved by audiences of different ages. And she usually interacts with everyone on social networking sites, and her style is quite close to the people. She broke down in the … Read more

Bergamo, father gives lung to son with thalassemia: it is the first transplant of its kind in Italy

At the John XXIII Hospital of Bergamo The first living donor lung transplant was performed in Italia. The receiver is a small one 5 year old patient, who received the lung lobe from his father. The child is affected by thalassemia or Mediterranean anemia, and a bone marrow transplant was required in the past to … Read more

I think he has the size of a lot of this kind.

Contacted by our journalist Stéphane Davy, Pavel Tamsin (photo) evokes his starters on Tuesday, in Mons (R-5), in Belgium: IGOR DU VIVIER (209) was on track last Saturday at Rouen-Mauquenchy. After a cautious start, he was not unworthy, performing a “good end” in the line opposite. The horse seems to have recovered well. Previously, he … Read more