Ferrero apologizes for the salmonella in Kinder that involved children

Last April, the Federal Agency for the safety of the Belgian food chain (Afsca) has decided to close the Ferrero plant in Arlon, after having found salmonella contamination on various chocolate-based products. According to the most recent estimates in Europe, more than 300 people (mainly children) are affected by salmonellosis following the consumption of chocolate … Read more

Salmonella in Kinder products: the origin of the contamination determined

After a scandal that tarnished its image, Ferrero claims to have determined what caused the contamination of its products. The financial impact for the group is major. It “will be around several tens of millions of euros”, announces Nicolas Neykov, the general manager. Over the Easter period alone, a high point for the Italian manufacturer, … Read more

They share a recipe for Kinder Licor, the new unofficial facet of the brand

On YouTube, an account shared the recipe for Kinder Licor, a drink that turns the concept of the candy brand for children on its head. The recipe was presented in a video in Slovak, from an account dedicated to sharing pastry work. The video has more than 60,000 views on the platform and has already … Read more

BPOM Calls Kinder Joy in Indonesia Negative for Salmonella and Allowed to Resell – National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) RI ensures that eggs Kinder chocolate or Kinder Joy registered in Indonesia, can be resold in the market. Thus, the public can buy Kinder Joy chocolate products which are sold and distributed, including in minimarkets. Previously, BPOM withdrew the circulation of Kinder Joy in the … Read more

Kinder Joy Negative Salmonella, Can Be Sold Again!

Jakarta – The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM RI) previously pulled Kinder Joy from circulation due to concerns about Salmonella contamination. The reason is that a number of Kinder chocolates spread in several European Union countries and Belgium to the UK have caused hundreds of children to be infected with Salmonella. BPOM RI then … Read more

Not only Kinder, Easter eggs withdrawn from supermarkets

Not only Kinderafter the salmonella case involving the great Ferrero brand (here the latest updates), more chocolate was withdrawn from supermarkets because at risk of contamination. The ministry of health published two further notices on Friday 22 April, to which was added the report relating to Easter eggs. Let’s see specifically the products involved, those … Read more

Up in arms! Child Taken To Hospital, Kinder Chocolate Poisoned

JAKARTA, – Children’s chocolate product, Kinder is back in the public spotlight. Because a child in England, had to be rushed to the hospital suspected of Salmonella poisoning. Mother-of-two Kasey Cooke, from Barry, Wales, said doctors feared her son could fall into a coma because of the massive drop in his blood sugar level. … Read more

Kinder: 2 products withdrawn due to Salmonella risk. The Ministry of Health: ‘Do not consume them’ »

Kinder: 2 products withdrawn due to Salmonella risk. The Ministry of Health: ‘Do not consume them’ Kinder, products withdrawn due to Salmonella riskKinder under the magnifying glass. There are 150 cases of salmonella registered in Europe. Among the countries where outbreaks are reported are France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom … Read more

After Kinder, food experts hold their breath: “Further scandals are to be feared”

Controls that raise questions, a shortage of raw materials that challenges. The two food scandals which simultaneously affect Ferrero (Kinder) and Nestlé (Buitoni) raise the question of the hygiene and food safety of large manufacturers. “A big company like Kinder needs to lock down its product self-checking system much more, what happened is very concerning, … Read more

First Kinder, now also 4 well-known ice creams: the intoxication alarm widens

Consumers are alarmed because there are now too many foods at risk of intoxication. The news of the many Kinder products withdrawn from the market throughout Europe due to the salmonella risk but now another alarm comes. Supermarket users are increasingly worried because food recalls are becoming more and more frequent. If we don’t have … Read more