Golden State won the puck five-time NBA finals and reach for the title

Golden State is rejoicing during the NBA’s final finale. | photo: Reuters <!—-> Andrew pointed out he wasn’t in the starring team. In front of it, let’s set up a call, the louder the answer. If you want to have such a game, which is a long way, the team plays better. Draymond Green’s teammate … Read more

The Warriors in the NBA equaled the final state, Curry scored 43 points

<!—-> It was not clear about Curry’s start, the warriors wounded their leg in the last final match. Natst it was not vn. And we’ve all seen how this way will go, Curry told the newspaper. The Celtics in the poloase led by a pt point, driving pt minutes before the end was 94:90. But … Read more

NBA playoffs, Golden State Warriors: ‘Game-6 Klay’, Thompson to decide against Memphis

2/12 THE RANKING OF THE BEST KLAY VERSIONS | StatMuse, a reference site with all the statistical (and not only) curiosities related to the NBA, immediately relaunched an updated ranking on which is the best version of Thompson: the result? Klay with the band in race-6. In fact, the one seen against the Grizzlies has … Read more

Nba Playoff, Memphis Grizzlies-Golden State Warriors 116-117 in gara-1

Show game after Green’s expulsion: Golden State wins from the final sprint Golden State’s impressive maturity demonstration. Wins in Memphis race-1 of the second round series of the playoffs 117-116. He does so despite the expulsion of Draymond Green shortly before mid-game, despite questionable and unfavorable refereeing episodes, despite the height gap with his opponents … Read more