15 years of the ‘Delta’: the first blow of climate change to the Canary Islands

Tropical storm Delta, which affected Canary Islands On November 28 and 29, 2005, now 15 years ago, it has been associated with one of the effects of climate change and global warming from the very beginning. On the morning of the first day, winds of up to 152 kilometers per hour were registered in La … Read more

The Mexican Raúl Jiménez, hospitalized after a brutal blow to the head

London, 29 Nov 2020 (AFP) -Wolverhampton’s Mexican forward Raúl Jiménez was taken to a hospital after suffering a brutal blow to the head in an action with Arsenal defender David Luiz, this Sunday in the 10th day of the Premier League . In the 6th minute of the game, in a corner kick in favor … Read more

Trump’s coup attempt failed, but US democracy got a scare

In the end, there was no hit. On Monday night, reluctantly, Donald Trump gave the green light to the transfer of powers. A White House official told reporters that this is the maximum gesture that Trump will make to accept the victory of the Democrat, but the machinery of the transition has already been put … Read more

dozens of life sentences and solitary confinement

About 500 people prosecuted in the maxi-trial against the military and civilians involved, according to the indictment, in the 2016 coup d’état. As a result of the actions that took place at the Akinci air base, near the capital. Dozens of people will have to serve solitary confinement sentences for attempting to kill Erdogan and … Read more

Life sentences for the failed coup in Turkey in 2016

Ankara, Nov 26 (EFE) .- A court in Ankara today sentenced the 11 pilots who bombed the Turkish capital during the failed coup in 2016 to 79 life sentences, killing 68 people, as well as several civilians. considered instigators. In the trial, which began in August 2017, there are a total of 475 defendants, including … Read more

Turkey continues to knock on Diego Costa’s door – TODOFICHAJES.COM

Diego Costa seems to be clear about his departure from Atlético de Madrid at the end of the course, if not before. Although his continuity priority for Simeone, with an upcoming contract termination, the rojiblanco club is urged to leave it in January. Not only to enter something, which is assumed not, but to save … Read more

The Premier’s technicians ask for changes

The great controversy of English football is, right now, the number of substitutions per game. The Premier It allows only three changes to be made, against the five allowed in the Champions League and the rest of the major European leagues. Something that has many of the technicians enraged. 10/11/2020 Act. a las 09:28 THIS … Read more

Elections and Covid knock down bags

The main stock exchanges in the United States and Europe closed with falls in the first session of the week, due to the uncertainty surrounding the presidential elections in the United States and the outbreaks of Covid-19. In the United States, the NASDAQ fell 1.64% to 11,358.94 points, the Dow Jones contracted 2.29% to 27,685.38 … Read more

A masterstroke of the big Hollywood studios to stay with the cinemas

21/10/2020 05:00 – Updated: 10/21/2020 12:42 PM He last August 7 In the film press, the news broke that a judge of the Federal Court of New York, Analisa Torres, accepted the motion of the United States Department of Justice to repeal the Paramount Consent Decreet, an antitrust law that Since the 1940s, it has … Read more