It turned out what kind of knowledge the new Chinese electric car comes to our country with

As previously reported, it belongs to the Chinese SAIC group MG vehicles will also be available in Hungary from the third quarter of 2022, and there will also be a choice for those who are only thinking about fully electric drive: the MG ZS EV, the MG5 station wagon, and the MG4 will also appear. … Read more

UNIK 3 High-level Science Wali Syaikhona Kholil Bangkalan: Books, Bananas and Rings

MAJALENGKA PORTAL – Shaykhona Kholil Bangkalan ever give supplies knowledge magic to his three disciples. supplies knowledge The magic are bananas, books and rings. Quoted from the CakNun ID Youtube Channel, culturalist Emha Ainun Najib or Cak Nun told a story about knowledge the magic of Mbah Kholil Bangkalan. Also Read: Guardian Sakti Mbah Fanani … Read more

Audio-Technica AT-ART20 Archives | AV Tech Guide Online media reviews, news, knowledge, audio, hi-fi, home theater, TV, smart phone, IT, multimedia and innovative products.

Audio Technica is expanding its high-end phono lineup with the launch of the new Audio Technica AT-ART20 pin header. Designed as MC type needle or dual moving coil needle. Distinctive with a design that has a rounded shape. Read more

In Spain, there are reflections on Jasikevičius’ relationship with players and knowledge of Barcelona’s newcomers

Spanish media say Barcelona should sign contracts with three new basketball players in the near future Tomas Satoransky and Janu Vesely and Oscar da Silva, a German basketball player of Brazilian descent. According toSports world“Barcelona is expected to officially say goodbye to two front-line basketball players Brandon Davies and Latvian Rolandas Šmitu. They should be … Read more

“Holy neutrinos”; bar intoxicates you with knowledge with chela and science

They inspire fancy trends to new food and drink establishments around the world. Fans of all kinds of fantasy stories seek to build communities around their interests. Academics and professions also open space with themed and fun establishments. For some years now, television series, movies and books have been the inspiration for new businesses, especially … Read more

Poor knowledge for fish lovers: One of the most popular species can increase the chances of skin cancer

Fish lovers had to draw unfavorable conclusions after the study, which is presented on 9 June. in the journal Cancer Causes and Control. Specialists from two U.S. educational institutions, Brown University and the National Cancer Institute, reviewed data from 491,367 elderly Americans (aged 50-71 years) over 15 years of follow-up to find out how many … Read more

The Bank of Lithuania clarifies what to expect from the economy: there is no good knowledge about prices, and there are a lot of risks

“Real GDP will grow by 2.1 percent this year, accelerating to 3.4 percent next year. Russia’s war against Ukraine and the management of the global pandemic, how to deal with supply chain disruptions, will have the greatest impact on the Lithuanian economy. Forecasts are surrounded by a great deal of uncertainty, ”says the Chairman of … Read more

Ecology of knowledge, body and performativity. Diary of the Festival “Interspace” / Article

Diary of the festival “Interspace” The diary follows the proceedings of the fourth performance art festival “Interspace”. In the lectures, we analyzed topics such as death and mortality, interspecies communication, sustainability and ecology, performances with avatars and augmented reality environments, as well as self-construction in an urban environment and Instagram. The presenters also addressed the … Read more

Video – Ukrainian heroine raises the flag of the extremist Azov Battalion

The attendees were surprised at the medal ceremony for the winners and winners of the International Youth Boxing Championship in Hungary, Diana Petrenko, the 50-kilogram runner-up, who was raising the flag of the Ukrainian ultranationalist “Azov” battalion. One of the organizers approached her and told her something, to fold the flag and hide it. .It … Read more

“Laima” refuses to work for a student due to his lack of knowledge of Russian, causing outrage among the population

Photo: Evija Trifanova / LETA The confectionery manufacturer “Laima” has refused to work due to his lack of knowledge of the Russian language. The boy’s mother informed about it on the microblogging site “Twitter”. Most read Maris Antonevich: The real reason for the war has finally been named “It simply came to our notice then … Read more