Moez Masoud sends a mysterious message to those who photograph him and his family without their knowledge

11:26 AM Friday 30 July 2021 Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi: Preacher and producer Moez Masoud expressed his anger at some people taking pictures of him and his family without their knowledge. Masoud wrote through his personal account on Twitter: “For people who like to take pictures of me, my wife and our children, behind … Read more

Robbery of a jewelry store in Paris: Jean-Claude Van Damme helps the thug without his knowledge

Incredible but true, the robbery which took place this Tuesday, July 27 at the Chaumet jewelry store in the 8th arrondissement of Paris was facilitated by the arrival of our star, present to buy glasses at the “Montaigne Optique” store located next door. Explanations. No injuries but nearly 3 million euros stolen At around 5 … Read more

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Archives | AV Tech Guide, online media, reviews, news, knowledge, audio, hi-fi, home theater, TV, smart phone, IT, multimedia and innovative products.

It’s getting closer to the on-air day with Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, a series from Netflix that just reveals the first trailer, you can feel the warmth. With beautiful pictures ajar, romantic comedy style that guarantees that everyone will fall in love Read more

‘Thailand’ hands over 8,000 Laos ‘Astronomy Knowledge Books’

23 July 2021 41 National Astronomical Research Institute (Public Organization) (Phr. Ror.) delivers 8,000 Laotian astronomy books to the Ministry of Education and Sports, Lao PDR, hoping to raise awareness of science and astronomy education in Lao PDR. Strengthen manpower in science and technology with Special Professor Dr. Anek Laothammathat Minister of Higher Education, Science, … Read more

HUAWEI Watch 3 Archives | AV Tech Guide, online media, reviews, news, knowledge, audio, hi-fi, home theater, TV, smartphone, IT, multimedia and innovative products.

For lifestyles that require high mobility in the age of Digital Transformation Just a smartphone may not be enough for an active daily life. such as exercising, traveling or working away from the place Because sometimes the situation does not allow you to carry your smartphone with you all the time. IT companies therefore develop … Read more

Grandfather’s old knowledge has become a profitable summer job – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

In ancient times, it was quite common to use birch bark to build rooftops. Never is the outermost part of the bark, a waterproof material that does not rot. Such a roof can last for a hundred years, more than three times as long as a normal roof. Now there are not many who put … Read more

reverse wireless charge Archives | AV Tech Guide Media Online Reviews News Knowledge of audio, HiFi, Home Theater, TV, Smartphone, IT, multimedia and innovative products

After launching the MagSafe Battery Pack earlier. MacRumors and 9to5Mac recently pointed out information from Apple Support that helped answer a few questions we had about the new device. Including confirmation that it will unlock the reverse charging feature of the iPhone 12 that Apple has never mentioned before. Read more

Forced to live with closed windows! |

Residents of Alytus city and district approached me about dangerous pollution. Residents have been forced to live with their windows closed for a number of years, suffer from respiratory illnesses, and employees of nearby small businesses have also complained that they cannot ventilate the premises due to sharp smoke. Granul Invest produces pellets. Member of … Read more

Tele2 offers: free internet plan, discounts on phones, TVs and scooters, and gifts

As the summer progresses, Tele2 is offering attractive offers for devices, the Internet and smart TV. You can already take advantage of discounts at the operator’s physical salons or online store Internet plan – free of charge Being part of the Tele2 family really pays off. For those who have at least one call … Read more