KNVB closes million deal for tens of thousands of corona tests

Reaction KNVB “Everyone wants everyone to be safe and that is why testing must be done”, says a KNVB spokesperson. “That is why we have it laid down by law that testing is mandatory. The clubs have collectively agreed to this, knowing what the costs are.” “Everyone needs to realize that it is an investment … Read more

PSV director Gerbrands lacks leadership at KNVB: ‘No vision in Zeist’

Gerbrands mainly refers to the KNVB with ‘vision’. “There was no face during the crisis, it was not clear to politicians. In the Premier League it was simply said, this is how we are going to do it. Just like in American sports.” Gerbrands: “We clearly lack leadership. We discuss everything out of here, we … Read more

KNVB: Second transfer period in Dutch football starts Wednesday Football

The first transfer period this year ran from July 1 to July 21. The second opens when it comes to UEFA on August 3 and will last until October 5. This is because various European competitions will end (d) a lot later because of corona and and clubs must pass their selections for European football … Read more

Gudde content after consultation: “But football is not an issue before September 1” NOW

Professional football director Eric Gudde feels good about a consultation he had on Thursday with the clubs, players and brokers on behalf of the KNVB about the current situation in Dutch football. He emphasizes that there has been no talk of early league and cup football. The cabinet is aiming for a resumption of professional … Read more

Gudde: ‘In many ways Dijkhoff hit the nail on the head’ | NOW

KNVB director of professional football Eric Gudde spoke to the VVD party chairman Klaas Dijkhoff on Monday about the latter’s critical blog. Dijkhoff found that the Dutch Football Association and the clubs have no clear plan and too easily rely on government support during the corona crisis. Dijkhoff wrote on Facebook on Friday that the … Read more

Van Gaal thinks KNVB has made ‘ridiculous’ decisions NOW

Louis van Gaal does not understand that due to the corona crisis, the KNVB has decided to cancel the cup final and not allow clubs to be promoted and relegated. According to the former top trainer, other choices would have made more sense. “Sport can be played without an audience. I think it is really … Read more

Corona: Chaos in Holland is a harbinger of the rest of Europe

Soccer Corona crisis Chaos in Holland is a harbinger of the rest of Europe Status: 08:35 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes League continuation must be carefully considered The Bundesliga is still standing. In the interview, ex-FIFA referee Bernd Heynemann explains what needs to be considered for a restart of league operations. While the Bundesliga … Read more

Corona: Football season in Netherlands canceled

Klubs are furious with the result and the procedure, lawsuits have already been announced. An outsider is deprived of the chance to win the championship, there are also prevented promoters and a prevented Europa League participant – this is the balance after the first well-known football nation in Europe ended its season prematurely. Dutch football … Read more

Ziyech is disappointed with an abrupt farewell at Ajax: ‘I wanted to end it nicely’ NOW

Immediately ending the Eredivisie also means that Hakim Ziyech has played his last match for Ajax. The attacking midfielder, who will leave for Chelsea next summer, had presented his farewell from Amsterdam very differently. “I would have liked to end my period here nicely. It is a shame that that is not possible now,” says … Read more

Good news for Eredivisie clubs: FOX Sports is distributing the last part of TV monies NOW

The clubs in the Eredivisie had good news on Friday in the corona crisis. FOX Sports has decided to transfer the last quarter of the television money, even if it is not yet clear whether the competition will be played. “We hope to give the clubs important financial support in this way, pending how the … Read more