Mystery client: Hyundai Kona Electric, the incentive is there

This time our undercover buyer is headed to a Hyundai dealer to negotiate on the Kona Electric, a small SUV that is comfortable in the city thanks to the length that does not exceed 4.1 meters but does not mind the extra-urban. and travel thanks to well-sized batteries. In fact, you can choose between two … Read more

India: Sooraj Kumar drepte kona med kobraslange

Deaths due to snake bites are very common in India, with over 1.2 million registered deaths from 2000 to 2019, according to the World Health Organization. In May last year, Sooraj Kumar was arrested when his wife, Uthra (25), was found dead with a snake bite. Police began investigating the case after Uthra’s family thought … Read more

Hyundai has already sold 100,000 Kona electric cars in Europe. And 12 siblings are preparing

The electric crossover produced in Nošovice is celebrating an impressive milestone. Meanwhile, the carmaker Hyundai is literally planning an electromobile storm. Model Kona is offered with three versions of the internal combustion engine, but also as a hybrid and electric car. It is the electric version that has reached a great milestone. More than 142,000 … Read more

Hyundai Kona Electric may be replaced by a new member of the Ioniq family

The electric family of Ioniq models could grow over time by more affordable models, one of which could succeed the Kona EV electric crossover. A few days ago, the carmaker Hyundai boasted a picture in which we could see the first models of its growing electric family Ioniq. The smallest is the already introduced Ioniq … Read more

Hyundai Stops Selling Kona in Indonesia, Just Launched 2 Years, Here’s The Reason

Abdul Aziz Masindo Hyundai Kona at its first launch – Hyundai Kona with the gasoline engine being monitored as missing from the official website. Even allegedly Hyundai Kona gasoline engines have stopped being sold in Indonesia. Even though the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) has only been paved in the country in April 2019 … Read more

Hyundai, electric Kona record More than a thousand kilometers on one charge

Three examples of Kona Electric, Hyundai’s zero-emission compact SUV, achieved record autonomy on the German Lausitzring circuit. Over a thousand kilometers on a single charge. The test was conducted under the impartial eye of Dekra, the German company specialized in testing, inspection and certification in the automotive sector. The three electric Kona of the test … Read more

Hyundai Kona is waiting for a facelift soon. There will also be a sporty Kona N Line

The small SUV of the Korean brand will soon be modernized. The published trailer attracts to the reworked bow. The Hyundai Kona has been on sale since 2017, so this is the ideal time to modernize it. And it is really approaching, as the carmaker has published the first trailer for a modernized model. The … Read more

Hyundai is attracted to the facelift of the Kona crossover, it will also arrive in an attractive N Line coat

Kona arrived in the constantly growing segment of B crossovers in 2017, so after three years it is a typical time for refreshment. According to the trailer, the modernized variant will receive new headlights, newly with full LED technology, but still divided. The more aggressive bumper can then be attributed more to the N Line … Read more

Hyundai Kona Electric: record autonomy, one thousand kilometers

That autonomy is one of the worries of all those who want to buy an electric car is now known. Battery-powered cars, in fact, usually travel fewer kilometers than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine and, at the same time, take much longer to fill up (that is, to recharge the battery). These factors … Read more