In the dispute Serbia vs. Kosovo Vucic is preparing a difficult compromise

According to the Beta agency, it is based on the position of Western negotiators led by Miroslav Lajčák, the EU representative for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, and Gabriel Escobar, the American envoy for the Western Balkans, who visited Belgrade and Pristina last week. It’s about job opportunities At the same time, according to Vucic, Serbia was … Read more

Šiauliai was crushed by the Kosovo club

In the Northern European Basketball League (ENBL), the basketball players of Šiauliai (2/2) experienced a crushing defeat. Antanas Sireika’s students in the match held in Tallinn 67:91 (20:31, 16:14, 12:24, 19:22) lost to Pristina “Sigal” (2/3) club. The most productive player in the Šiauliai team was Kyle Mangas, who scored 18 points (6/10 shots), Martynas … Read more

Because tension has returned to Kosovo. And because Putin has something to do with it too. Podcast –

Seems like an inevitable fate, nei BALKANS: that, periodically, apparently calm situations suddenly return to being charged with tension. It’s happening these months in Kosovowhere a seemingly unimportant matter like the release of car license plateshe reinforced the opposition between the Albanian majority and the Serbian minority. A contrast, as he says Francesco Battistini in … Read more

The PM of Kosovo Pretends to Be Zelensky and I’m Putin

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — President Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said Prime Minister Kosovo Albin Kurti is pretending to be a victim calling himself President Ukraine The ‘new Volodymyr Zelensky’ and Vucic as Russian President Vladimir Putin. This statement was made by Vucic after Serbia and Kosovo had been arguing recently. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT “Borders are … Read more

Prix ​​Marcel-Duchamp 2023, choose from the four finalists!

Marcel Duchamp started in 1959. Lusby, Richard (20th century) Two men, two women, same generation of the early 1980s. This is the profile of the candidates for this 23rd edition. This award, rather conceptual, aims to highlight the French scene. What’s new in these times swept away by inflation which swells the anger of citizens, … Read more

Ukraine War, Kosovo | The fear of a major war is moving closer

comments expresses the writer’s opinions. Serbia mobilizes the army – and has sent forces to the border with Kosovo, a country which, among others, Norway recognizes as independent – but which is highly contested. NATO is deeply divided – but at the same time has been given responsibility for guaranteeing the safety of the roughly … Read more

Tensions have reached a peak: will the conflict between Kosovo and Serbia not cross the “red line”?

Political unrest has plagued Kosovo for more than two decades. Conflicts continue to erupt between Kosovars, ethnic Albanians and ethnic Serbs, as both sides believe their rights are being violated. In recent months, the situation in Kosovo has been extremely tense and has reached such a point where barricades have been built, border posts have … Read more

Serbs have demolished barricades at the border in northern Kosovo

Serbia Kosovo in the north on Thursday they demolished the barricades on the road at the largest border crossing point to Serbia and the borders of Kosovo, media reports. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Wednesday evening that the Serbs will begin removing their barricades in northern Kosovo … Read more

Sitting Matters of the Kosovo and Serbia Conflicts Flaming Again

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Kosovo and Serbia been heating up again recently. The tension that started from the conflict on the border of the two Balkan countries was also fraught with ethnic issues that resurfaced. Quoting from AFP, Wednesday (28/12) evening WIT, Kosovo has closed its main border with Serbia. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Serbia … Read more