Europe requests more clarifications from Hipra before evaluating its Spanish Covid-19 vaccine | companies

Hipra will have to wait longer for Europe to decide whether to approve its vaccine against Covid-19, the only Spanish one that has advanced to clinical trials. The European Medicines Agency (EMA, in its acronym in English) has requested more clarifying questions from the Girona laboratory, according to what appears in the monthly agenda of … Read more

“It is very serious”: almost a thousand women were tested by an irregular laboratory in Bío Bío | National

The Medical College of Concepción classified the situation as a true fraud with the examinations carried out on women, and that puts their health at risk. The Medical College described what happened with the laboratory contracted by different municipalities for tests that turned out to be false as extremely serious. In addition to San Pedro … Read more

the most passable Chinese SUV Tank 300 in the Frontier Edition version for impassable mud – Laboratory – Motor

Everything is as it should be here: the ground clearance is as much as 25 centimeters, 18-inch wheels with beadlocks, a winch, a snorkel, power bumpers, a pumped suspension with remote oil reservoirs. In general, everything that people in Russia are used to installing after purchase is made at the factory here. At the same … Read more

Cancer Institute, NHSO, Rama, HSRI, signed an agreement to develop a policy laboratory for cancer.

Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital The National Cancer Institute, NHSO, Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI) and Lookkhid Co., Ltd. signed an MOU to develop a policy laboratory to create a value-based healthcare system for cancer patients in Thailand. Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University National Cancer Institute The National Health Security Office (NHSO), Health … Read more

NASA reveals details about the Habitable Earth Laboratory

Artist’s concept of LUVOIR, a 15-meter telescope that was an early NASA concept for a future space telescope. The newly described Habitable Worlds Telescope will not be as large as this one. NASA officials said Information on the Next Generation Space Telescope, Habitable Global Observatories A recent session of the American Astronomical Society, In the … Read more

This is the cheapest medical laboratory for your analysis, according to Profeco

Less than 15 days ago 2023 started, so it is an excellent opportunity for you to start your medical check-ups and take care of your health. For this reason we present you with information about the laboratories that have super cheap prices according to the Federal Consumer Attorney (Prophecy). Check-ups on time are great allies … Read more

The world’s best restaurant closes – is the end of haute cuisine coming?

Noma in Copenhagen is an institution. It has been named the best restaurant in the world five times. Accepted as a symbol of innovative trends in haute cuisine, the project of Chef René Redzepi, also awarded three Michelin stars, was considered the most influential restaurant of its time – in the research and search for … Read more

Sleepiz in the test: This sleep laboratory comes in the mail

published1 January 2023, 18:37 Hardware-Test: Sleep laboratory by mail – ETH spin-off Sleepiz takes off in the USA Sleepiz is a small device that conveniently monitors sleep: The Zurich-based company is now gaining a foothold in the USA. The sleep laboratory tested 20 minutes from the cardboard box for three nights. 1 / 9 Sleepiz: … Read more

What is a Centrifuge in the Laboratory? This is the answer you need to know

What is a Centrifuge in the Laboratory?, Photo: Unsplash. For some people this may be the first time hearing tool centrifuge. A centrifuge is a tool used to separate a solution or substance component by a precipitation process so that it is divided into two phases, namely the supernatant and the pellet. For more details, … Read more