Straightforward! McGrady: It is impossible for King James to retire. He is to divert attention from the Lakers being swept._LeBron James_Rachel_What’s

Original title: Straightforward! McGrady: It is impossible for King James to retire, he is to divert attention from the Lakers being swept News on June 1, a few days ago, NBA star McGrady was a guest on the “What’s Burning” podcast, talking about the possible retirement of Lakers star LeBron James, McGrady said that it … Read more

Mavericks Won’t Help Lakers in Possible Kyrie Irving Trade!

by Eurohoops Team / [email protected] Entering the 2022-23 season in the NBA far below expectations Los Angeles LakersAfter the Russell Westbrook trade, he reversed the fate of the season. After a great comeback, they managed to enter the playoffs. Lakersin the Western Final despite passing the first two rounds Denver NuggetsHe couldn’t avoid being eliminated. … Read more

retired?The general manager of the Lakers does not insist on keeping the emperor

retired?The general manager of the Lakers does not insist on keeping the emperor 【Now Sports】After the Lakers were swept out by the Nuggets in the West Coast final of the playoffs on Monday, there was news of LeBron James’ retirement, but when the general manager Bilinka responded to the media on Tuesday, he did not … Read more

Ray, Jack Nicholson’s 31-year-old son, spitting image of his dad at Lakers game

He has come out of his den to support the Los Angeles Lakers in recent weeks, and each time Jack Nicholson is accompanied by his youngest son Ray, 31 and also an actor like his father. Reclusive Jack Nicholson was photographed for the first time in 18 months And Ray Nicholson’s resemblance to his illustrious … Read more

Denver overthrows the Lakers and reaches the Final for the first time

American Basketball: Denver overthrows the Lakers and reaches the final for the first time The Denver Nuggets made it to the Finals of the American League Championship basketball For the 2022-2023 season, after beating its rival Los Angeles Lakers And he decided the series in his favor, in the Western Region Final, at dawn on … Read more

The Nuggets knocked the Lakers down again; One win left to historical success – Last Minute Sports News

The NBA play-offs continued with a single match. The Nuggets, the regular season leader in the Western Conference, won the Lakers away after the first two games on the field. Nuggets’ quarterback Jamal Murray was the most effective player in the fight with 37 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Nikola Jokic contributed 24 points, … Read more

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their third NBA Western Conference final

Denver has been in the league for 47 years, but has yet to make the Finals. It’s really close now. “Our team can do a lot, but the main thing is belief. That’s a very important quality. We all believe that we can succeed,” Denver coach Michael Malone said. However, Lakers star LeBron James is … Read more

LeBron James’ Lakers started the Conference finals on the wrong foot

05/17/2023 13:59hs. The season of the NBA it is coming to its end. There are fewer and fewer games left to play, but the long-awaited finals between the winner of the Eastern Conference and the West are getting closer. This Tuesday, the Denver Nuggets they won the first game of the series against the Los … Read more

Kosminis N. Jokičius led the Nuggets to victory against the Lakers

Aa A + A – Restore Report an error The Nuggets, who have two Lithuanians – Tomas Balčėtis and Martynas Pocius – in the management of the club, triumphed at home 132:126 (37:25, 35:29, 34:38, 26:34) and took the lead in the series to 4 victories. Reuters/Scanpix photo/Nikola Jokičius and Anthony Davis Playing in the … Read more