How Khaby Lame became a TikTok superstar at age 21 … without saying a word

If you spend time on social media, surely you’ve seen a video of Khaby Lame. This recognizable young man among a thousand has enjoyed phenomenal success in recent months. What made him famous? Make fun of tutorials, these mini clips supposed to give Internet users tips to do everyday things more easily but which, in … Read more

Senegal’s Tiktokero, Khabane Lame: His Success Story

Khabane Lame began posting videos from her bedroom, never imagining that her life would take an unexpected turn for success. Photo: Reuters If your parents say that Tiktok it is a waste of time that does not leave money, they are very wrong. Surely you have seen on social networks My Excellency, a young Senegalese … Read more

Who is Khaby Lame, the star of TikTok with millions of subscribers?

Renamed “TikTok’s most famous Italian”, Khaby Lame hasn’t always had it easy. Coming from a modest family, he had grown up in social housing. Anyway, the young man is proud of his career. Initially, he had created his account on the famous social network, March 15, 2020, to pass the time in a fun way. … Read more

Khaby Lame, from unemployed to millionaire thanks to TikTok

Khaby Lame Originally from Senegal, but raised in Italy, Khaby Lame (21), a former worker by profession, has become the number one content producer in Europe on TikTok and the second in the world. Today, it has over 102 million subscribers. His humorous gesture, to show the simplicity of things in life, became famous across … Read more

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“I would like to become like Will Smith. For now I help my parents »: Khaby Lame at the Venice Film Festival – The video

«I want to study cinema. My dream is to become an actor. My aspiration is to become like Will Smith, whom I have followed since childhood ». Khaby Lame lands in Venice and on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, in front of the flashes of photographers shouting his name, he appears like … Read more

Khaby Lame tells the secret of his success.

He lived for 20 years in the HLM of Chivasso. He was a mason, waiter, window cleaner. He worked on Amazon. His father sold statuettes in the markets. Eliminated from the television series Zero, he now has an agent and walks the red carpet of Venice 78. It is the magical moment of Khaby Lame, … Read more

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Khaby Lame – This tiktoker overtakes the biggest stars of the platform

PublishedJuly 18, 2021, 3:30 p.m. With dry humor and accurate punch lines to the top: Khaby Lame is well on the way to soon having more fans than any other influencer on Tiktok. 1 / 10 At the moment, nobody can get past this face on Tiktok. Khaby Lame (21) has been doing a vertical … Read more

Khaby Lame overtakes Addison Rae: second most followed in the world on TikTok | VIDEO

News | 05 July 2021 Khaby Lame, the 21-year-old Italian of Senegalese origins, has become the second most followed in the world on TikTok: he has overtaken singer and dancer Addison Rae. Now only Charlie D’Amelio has more followers. We at Le Iene had put the young Chivasso content creator to the test in the … Read more