Makalius encourages those who do not know foreign languages ​​to travel: you don’t need to know any languages ​​to travel, and if I can play chicken, so can you!

According to experienced traveler Rimvydas Širvinskas-Makalias, there is still a myth that traveling without knowing the language is difficult or impossible, but in these times of smart technology and adaptation of tourism, it is no longer scary not to communicate, because there are many helpers. He notes that older tourists are a little afraid of … Read more

From videos in three languages ​​to daily “pills”. Letta’s run-up that copies the opponents

Enrico Letta’s electoral campaign does not have the “eyes of the tiger”: if anything, it has the face of a run-up. The polls continue to tell of a Caporetto announced by the Democratic Party, while the last two initiatives put in place by the secretary are more like attempts at imitation and little to cat … Read more

How many languages ​​does Giorgia Meloni speak, the interview in English with Fox News becomes a case – Il Tempo

Not only with Spanish, Giorgia Meloni also makes a great impression with the English language. In the international interview given to Fox News, the leader of Fratelli d’Italia – during the broadcast Mornings with Maria with Maria Bartiromo – an impeccable pronunciation. Dagospia immediately catches the ball to make a comparison with Matteo Renzi and … Read more

200 languages ​​for a single AI model

With a view to eradicating language barriers on a global scale, Meta has developed an artificial intelligence project with the ability to translate into 200 different languages. “The Meta AI researchers in charge of the No Language Left Behind (NLLB) project have achieved a major research breakthrough. Therefore, these researchers have made their work available … Read more

Metas AI can translate 200 languages ​​in real time. Now releasing NLLB-200 as open source.

Meta has unveiled a new version of its artificial intelligence “No Language Left Behind” (NLLB) which is said to be able to translate 200 languages ​​in real time. The new version is called NLLB-200. According to Meta, NLLB-200 supports multiple languages ​​that are not usually available for real-time translations. It is said, among other things, … Read more

The reaction of G.Žiemelis project to active languages: the information provided does not reflect the current position of the company

News about Gediminas Žiemelis’ new club was poured in on Wednesday morning. First of all, news appeared that the team would apply for the name “Lietuvos rytas”, later the club’s visa was presented, and Andrius Tapinas reacted to everything. Basketball Holding Company itself replied. “With information on the long-term vision of Basketball Holding Company and … Read more

A new Walloon “language plan” for job seekers: “Mastering languages ​​is one of the levers for getting a job”

Kristof Calvo (Groen): “The Vivaldi must be more proactive, it can do more” After a long introspection, the Flemish ecologist Kristof Calvo (Groen) is talking about him again. He welcomes the action of the Vivaldi coalition, at the federal level, but thinks that it must have more ambition. He does not believe in a rapprochement … Read more

Cindy Blanco, Duolingo learning scientist: “In Peru, learning a language is a necessity” | Languages ​​| English | Applications | apps | science | | CULTURE

Learning a new language has become almost an obligation for the new generations and this is well known to Cindy Blanco, a learning scientist at Duolingoa digital application that offers courses to learn different languages ​​–from English to Esperanto– for free. As an expert in language study, Cindy knows what it takes to get there. … Read more