After the prison sentence of doctor Larry Nassar on charges of sexual harassment, the German women’s team appears in a “strange” outfit

Herut – Sports Follow-up: The Tokyo Olympics on Sunday saw the German women’s gymnastics team wear full uniforms, with the aim of combating any sexual aspect of their sport, after decades of gymnasts wore full-legged uniforms. Male gymnasts wear clothes that cover almost the entire body, and singles players wear loose-fitting shorts in the floor … Read more

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) accused of covering up the case of harasser doctor Larry Nassar

15 July 2021 picture released, Getty Images comment on the photo, Larry Nassar sentenced to life imprisonment A watchdog said the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has ignored allegations of child molestation in sports and made serious investigative errors. The long-awaited report offers a stark assessment of the office’s investigation into former team sports … Read more

WWDC 2014 deleted intro video features Larry David as App Store reviewer – Marseille News

Almost every WWDC Apple kicks off the main event with a special video – which can sometimes be more motivating and sometimes more entertaining with jokes related to app development. Interestingly, now we can take a look at a scrapped WWDC 2014 intro video that features Larry David as an App Store reviewer. The video … Read more

Larry King’s two sons die three weeks apart

The news was confirmed by the legendary presenter through his social networks. “No parent should have to bury their children,” wrote the 86-year-old King. Renowned American journalist Larry King confirmed this weekend the news of the death of two of his children, Andy and Chaia, in less than a month. “Andy passed away unexpectedly from … Read more

Larry King responds to the death of two children | Entertainment

“With grief and with the broken heart of a father, I confirm the recent loss of two of my children, Andy King in Chaia King. Both were good and kind souls and will be greatly missed, ”the 87-year-old television icon wrote in a post on Facebook. “No parent should have to bury a child.” He … Read more

Larry King loses two children in three weeks: ‘I’m heartbroken’

The US journalist, historical face of CNN, communicated it on Facebook: “Andy died suddenly of a heart attack on July 28 and Chaia died on August 20, after being diagnosed with lung cancer. so wrong. No parent should ever bury a child, ”he wrote US journalist Larry King, 86, lost two children in just over … Read more

Two children die in three weeks: the pain of TV journalist Larry King. “I have a broken heart”

NEW YORK – Annus horribilis for the legendary American journalist Larry King, 86: After suffering a stroke in May and some time after divorcing his wife Shawn after 22 years, the historic CNN face lost two children in just over three weeks. “It is with great sadness and the broken heart of a father that … Read more

Larry King’s son and daughter die within weeks of each other

His son Andy King, 65, unexpectedly passed away in July, while his daughter Chaia King, 52, died earlier this week, the source said. Additional details were not immediately available. Both children were from King’s 1961 marriage to Alene Atkins. The couple divorced and re-married in 1967, before divorcing once again in 1971. King and Chaia … Read more