The groom’s friends set off firecrackers, then burst into applause; Clash at Wedding house – Clash at Wedding house | Mepayur

‘Thallumala’ at the marriage house in Mepayur, Kozhikode. The quarrel happened between the families of the groom and the bride. The incident happened on Monday. The conflict broke out after the groom and his team from Vadakara reached the bride’s house in Mepayur. Those accompanying the groom burst crackers at the bride’s house. When the … Read more

The Spitz took off her underwear and pleased the men with a candid photo :: Showbiz

Ekaterina Shpitsa published on her page new shots from a photo shoot where she decided to pose without underwear. Under the picture, she reflected on feelings and beauty. The actress spoke about her impressions about her stay in Perm. “Every morning, leaving the house, I see the dawn over the ice-covered Kama,” she shared. According … Read more

‘Daughter should be married by spending one crore’; Businessman killed his wife – Madhya Pradesh | Suicide Manorama News

Mumbai: ‘My daughter’s wedding should cost between fifty lakhs and one crore. Those who have borrowed money from me please return it..’ This is the last wish of the businessman who shot himself after killing his wife. Sanjay Seth, a cloth merchant from Panna, Madhya Pradesh committed suicide. Along with the suicide note, he had … Read more

Asteroids are indestructible piles of debris

A number of astronomers have observed a type of space asteroid that is “difficult to destroy” because it is composed of piles of rocks, and we may need new strategies such as a “nuclear explosion”, in order to deflecting its trajectory and preventing any possible collision with the Earth. The research, published in the journal … Read more

Doctor’s Recipe Guide to Handling and Medicine for Measles in Babies

One of the concerns of parents for babies and children is measles. In 2010, Indonesia was the country with the third highest incidence rate of measles in Southeast Asia. The World Health Organization notes that there were 6,300 confirmed cases in Indonesia throughout 2013. Giving measles medicine to babies is important for controlling symptoms. In … Read more

Know 10 great movies Oscar nominations for 2023

branchbest movie (Best Picture) list of nominees • ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT Malte Grunert, Producer It is a remake of the 1931 Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director directed by Lewis Milestone and German director Edward Berger. (Edward Berger) takes the classic novel Erach Maria Remark (Im Westen nichts Neues) into … Read more

Help bring Taliban into 21st century: UN to Muslim countries – Taliban UN Afghanistan | Manorama Online | Malayalam News

United Nations: The United Nations (UN) wants Muslim countries to help bring the Taliban from the 13th century into the 21st century. In every meeting with the Taliban leaders, they try their best to change their position against women and children in Afghanistan, said Amina Mohammed, a former minister of Nigeria and currently the Deputy … Read more

“Mother Cheek Bum” forced her 18-year-old son to enter the industry, wearing high heels and keeping her hair long until the child was stressed out.

Up on the podium as the hottest mother-daughter duo Social media favorites for moms “Lee Sarinya Sittachai” and “Dimpled Cheek Preeyada” Recently came to open my heart in the WOODY INTERVIEW program. Until today, I used to shed tears. because the mother controls her life until she is not herself I didn’t dare to speak … Read more

The Tamil chief is a ‘plus’ in security too – MK Stalin | Tamil Nadu Politics | Women Commandos

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, who rushes from rush to rush, has security in the Z category category. There will always be strong commandos with machine guns and all armor. Now nine more women commandos have joined Stalin’s security outfit. Kerala played a role in training those 9 women warriors who were chosen by number … Read more

9 Factors That Can Increase Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack

Diabetes can harm your heart, especially if it gets out of control. Over the age of 65, heart disease takes more than 68% of the lives of people with diabetes. To better control your blood sugar levels, stick to your doctor’s treatment plan and make any necessary lifestyle adjustments. 3. Hypertension One very common risk … Read more