Latvia to send Stinger missile system and dry food supplies to Ukraine The news

Riga / Vilnius, January 21, LETA – BNS. In response to Russia’s aggressive actions, Latvia will send the Stinger air defense missile system, individual equipment and dry food supplies to Ukraine, the Latvian Defense Ministry’s (AM) Press Department informed LETA. In response to Russia’s aggressive actions, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are united in their commitment … Read more

In Latvia, mortality with diagnosed Covid-19 is higher than the EU / EEA average

However, despite the rapid rise in morbidity, it is lower in the Baltic States than the European average. ECDC estimates of the situation in the previous two weeks from 3 to 16 January show that the mortality rate with diagnosed Covid-19 in Latvia has risen slightly again, reaching 87.5 cases per million population, and that … Read more

‘Eurostat’: Latvia among 12 EU member states with declining public debt

Latvia was among the 12th European Union (EU) Member States with a reduction in government debt to gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter of last year compared to a year ago, according to the EU Statistical Office, published on Friday. “Eurostat” data. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In Latvia, as in … Read more

Latvenergo has entered into short-term loan agreements for 90 million euros – Branches – Financenet

Latvenergo has entered into a short-term loan agreement with the Latvian branch of OP Corporate Bank plc in the amount of EUR 60 million, and with SEB banka in the amount of EUR 30 million. Both contracts have a term of up to two years. Procurement organized for concluding short-term loan agreements. The company’s representatives … Read more

Treatment of a cat from non-existent heart disease in Latvia has cost 20,000 euros

Questions about veterinary services and their prices were researched by the LTV program “Forbidden Technique”, one of the stories reveals the case when a cat owner has spent 20,000 euros for a non-existent heart count. Cat Lācis has been treated for heart disease for a long time, spending almost 20 thousand euros on treatment, medicines … Read more

A powerful element has devastated Latvia: a hurricane wind is ripping roofs and consuming trees

A hurricane wind ripped through roofs and consumed trees, the airport was effectively closed, and thousands of people were left without electricity. About 2 p.m. in the center of the capital, the maximum wind gusts reached 28 meters per second. There has been no such severe storm in Riga since January 2005. On Monday, wind … Read more

In Latvia, a winter storm has claimed lives: a woman has been fatally injured in the resort

The ambulance service received a report of the disaster on Monday afternoon as the country was hit by a severe winter storm. The paramedics who arrived at the scene found the woman’s death. The 72-year-old woman was the victim of the storm, police said The Latvian Center for the Environment, Geology and Meteorology announced the … Read more

Public transport in Latvia is provided by more than 1,200 buses. The number of passengers has halved in two years. –

Aizkraukle bus station. Photo from “Staburaga” archive. According to the Road Transport Directorate, a total of 28 million passengers were transported on regional buses and trains last year – 17 million on regional buses and 11 million on trains. This is 15% and 14% less compared to 2020, respectively, and 42% and 40% less compared … Read more

Latvia is also in the top of the world’s most powerful passports

The company’s passport index, based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), has been regularly monitoring the most travel-friendly passports since 2006. The report says rising travel barriers introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic have created the widest global mobility gap in the 16-year history of the index. The index does not take … Read more

In the future, “” will also have to indicate the date, time and other information of entry – in Latvia – News

Until now, the regulations provided that the information requirements of “” were scaled depending on whether a person is required to self-isolate after entry, and consequently only the minimum amount of information is accumulated. Taking into account the epidemiological situation abroad in relation to the prevalence of the Covid-19 omicron strain, the Health Department has … Read more