Terrorism in Donetsk – who launched famous Soviet mines in a residential area? (VIDEO)

This is LEAF AKA PFM-1 mine. It’s an infantry land mine which looks like a Leaf, but deployed with mortars or helicopters. Currently being used by Ukrainian forces. UkrNazis deliberately deploy them in the densely populated areas of city Donetsk and other regions. pic.twitter.com/e3tlaC8JhU — Jimmy (@Jimmy19443312) July 30, 2022 Each PFM-1 Petal (aka Butterfly … Read more

The Iranian satellite launched by Russia could be used to monitor Ukraine / Article

Iran, which maintains friendly relations with Russia and avoids criticizing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has tried to dispel suspicions that the satellite will be used to spy on Ukraine. The Iranian Space Agency reports that the Russian-launched Iranian satellite will be controlled by the Islamic Republic of Iran and that no third country will be … Read more

“Kleat.ma”: A Moroccan food and entertainment media launched

It offers culinary videos on digital An innovative platform inspired by “digital food” has just been created. Called “Kleat.ma”, this Moroccan food & entertainment digital media is published by Live Studio. The new platform offers content around the culinary world. “On the menu, a rich panoply of easy and quick recipes to prepare, articles available … Read more

Wang Yuwen’s new drama “The Coward” was launched, and the highly restored characters were well received jqknews

On August 8, produced by Ningmeng Pictures, co-produced by Youku, written by Zheng Zhi, directed by Zhang Xiaobo, starring Ou Hao and Wang Yanhui, and starring Wang Yuwen and others.coward“Officially aired.The play is adapted from Zheng Zhi’s original work.novel《Swallow raw“, once it was broadcast, it caused a heated discussion among the audience, among which Huang … Read more

List of New Cars Launched at GIIAS 2022, What’s Up?, There’s Toyota and Honda!

iNSulteng – What is GIIAS?, yes, we will explain in the following article. GIIAS is an exhibition mobil which will be out next year. This exhibition will be held on 11-12 August 2022 in Indonesia. Read Also: Car Review of the First President of the Republic of Indonesia Soekarno, Turns out to be a Loot … Read more

South Korea launched Scouting Moon, with more missions to come

“If you don’t look at it carefully, you may not be able to see it,” Dr. Lee said. Jean-Pierre Williams, a planetary scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, and another Danury mission scientist hope to produce detailed temperature maps of the craters by combining ShadowCam images with data collected by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance … Read more

“Douyin 818 Discover Good Things Festival” launched, global interest e-commerce helps the sales of good things in the country

“Douyin 818 Discover Good Things Festival” launched Guo Ruiqi 2022-08-06 11:10:13 DoNews News on August 6th (Guo Ruiqi) On August 6th, Douyin e-commerce launched the “Douyin 818 Discovery Goods Festival”, which will give full play to the characteristics of global interest e-commerce, and meet the diversified operation of merchants through short video, live broadcast, pan-mall … Read more