Brides scammed in Porto store run out of money and wedding dresses – Sociedade

Of the 125 names on the list of creditors delivered to the Santo Tirso Commercial Court, there are 113 brides who paid for a dress they never had. Helena, Vera and Alexandra are three examples of women who, overnight, saw the dream of having a wedding dress turned into a nightmare.

Tattoo reveals identity of TVDE driver murdered and dismembered – Portugal

A tattoo on her left arm and a bracelet helped to identify the body of Sandra Andrade, 49, who was found inside a suitcase hidden in the middle of a stone wall, in Almancil, in the municipality of Loulé. The investigation into the murder is now entering a new phase, in which the Judiciary Police’s … Read more

Science Faculty Attack: “Part of Me Is Glad I Didn’t Do That” | Attack held at FCUL

The Computer Engineering student who planned to make a killing at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon became interested in massacres at the age of nine. His curiosity aroused his curiosity about how a 20-year-old young man had managed, in the previous year, to kill more than two dozen people in an … Read more

Gang of couples draws fortune from more than 70 elderly people – Portugal

The husbands stayed in the car to watch and accelerated in the escape. It was women who approached the elderly, mostly alone at home and frail, to whom they gave the ‘cantiga do bandido’. They claimed to be doctors, social workers, from the Food Bank, from Misericórdia or friends of an acquaintance, and entered the … Read more

André Ventura wants a prison sentence of up to 65 years – Politics

Chega does not give up on seeing the increase in prison sentences approved for murder crimes involving children. This Monday, he delivered a Bill to the Assembly of the Republic, for discussion and voting, which provides for an increase in the maximum prison sentence to 65 years in homicide crimes committed with special perversity, namely … Read more

Who is the queen of crypto on the FBI and Europol’s Most Wanted List? – Crypto assets

Ruja Ignatova was placed on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Criminals list. The woman, also known in the press as ‘cryptoqueen’, was accused of fraud, for stealing at least 4 billion euros through her company OneCoin. Premium Business Subscribe and access without limits, on PC and smartphone Exclusive contents with the best of national and … Read more

Poles can get by without a permit to build family houses

The Polish government is preparing an amendment to the law, which is to allow the construction of single-family houses of any size without a building permit from next year. “The need to anchor and have one’s own home is one of the basic human needs. Therefore, let’s make it clear that the goal of the … Read more

“Things got out of hand”: Woman from ‘Ears’ tells all about the night of Igor’s death – Portugal

Marisa, wife of Marco ‘Orelhas’, the number two of the Super Dragons, was interviewed exclusively by CMTV. Marisa revealed to CM/CMTV that after the clashes on the night of the Porto party, Renato went to his mother. “When I got home, my son appeared, he clung to me crying and said: Oh mother, it’s over.

Family beaten by car seat in Loures. Woman with baby was strangled – Portugal

A couple of Brazilian immigrants and their son, a year and a half baby, were savagely beaten by eight men in Camarate, Loures. The assault will have originated in a parking space. The group fled after the attack. The crime took place at 6:00 pm on Saturday, on Rua Eduardo Augusto Pinto, and was recorded … Read more

“It was consented”: PS deputy André Pinotes Batista denies suspected rape – Portugal

PS deputy, André Pinotes Batista, denies any suspicion of having raped a woman in the summer of last year, following a complaint filed in the DIAP do Barreiro: “I am not accused of anything nor do I know of any accusation, I just had an occasional relationship. with a woman and was consented”, he told … Read more