A law for out-of-office voting continues to be lacking

Loading player With the fall of the Draghi government, the Chamber’s examination of the bills to allow the vote of “non-seated” people was also effectively interrupted: that is, to give the possibility of voting in the municipality where they live to those who, for study reasons or work, he has his residence much further away, … Read more

New Zealand needs a new consent law

Loading player In New Zealand, the trial of a man who was accused of raping two girls aged 8 and 12 has just ended: he was convicted, but his lawyers to defend him claimed that one of the two victims had given his consent, triggering a debate on national child abuse legislation. By law, in … Read more

They must find a new club: these players who have become “undesirable” and the harsh law of the market

Undesirable rhymes very strongly with Barça and PSG during this summer transfer window. These are surely the two clubs that most want to sort out their workforce. At PSG, it would seem that it is rather with a view to falling back on the ground a little, in Barcelona it is rather in the opposite … Read more

National News Agency – Daher: There is no solution to the electricity problem except through the adoption of a law on the decentralization of production

NNA – Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Trade, Industry and Planning, Michel Daher tweeted on Twitter: “There is no solution to the electricity problem in Lebanon except by passing a law on the decentralization of production that I have been calling for for years. By establishing a joint stock company in every district … Read more

Indiana becomes first state to abolish abortion law since court ruling

AP Photo/Arleigh Rodgers NOS News•Saturday, 04:46•Amended Saturday, 09:30 Indiana is the first state since the Supreme Court’s decision to end abortion. The legislation was signed by Republican Governor Eric Holcomb. At the end of June, the Supreme Court issued a strike through previous statements securing the federal right to abortion. As a result, abortion legislation … Read more

Constitutional Court rejects law of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira on public parking — DNOTICIAS.PT

The Constitutional Court rejected the Regional Legislative Decree that ‘Adapts Decree-Law no. . The request for preventive inspection was made by Ireneu Barreto, who has now seen the Court of Laws confirm that he was right. A decision that gathered the unanimity of the Constitutional judges. The document, which is on the institution’s website, in … Read more

Ukraine Violates International Law in War, How Can You?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ukraine called violating international law in the war going on with Russia. Even soldiers are said to have harmed civilians. This is due to Kyiv’s actions to establish military bases in residential areas. This includes schools and hospitals. This was stated by Amnesty International in a report yesterday. Notwithstanding the war … Read more

Marche health reform 2022, the revolution is law: the regional Asur is off after twenty years

Ancona, 5 August 2022 – After a marathon of three days of debate the Marche Regional Council approved by majority (19 in favor, eight against, two abstentions) the draft law 128 on the reorganization of the regional health service : 50 articles that redesign the overall structure in the Marche and that during the discussion … Read more

Moderator Iveta Toušlová openly: CT did not comply with the law

She started moderating the events in 1999, and since Iveta was forbidden by the management of ČT to continue filming in the field and forced her to only read the news, she took the next step as a passionate traveler. “I created a theme for Toulavka. But nobody wanted her. It wasn’t until November 2002 … Read more

Double degree law, how it works and how to enroll

9/10 ©Ansa The decree also provides for the ways to facilitate simultaneous registration to two courses of study, such as the possibility for universities to activate distance learning or to provide organizational methods consistent with part-time attendance of students, and regulate aspects related to the right to study, establishing, among other things, that the total … Read more