KPK Ensures Gazalba Saleh’s Detention Not Related to Pretrial Lawsuit

Jakarta – The KPK confirmed the detention Chief Justice Gazalba Saleh (GS) not related to the ongoing pretrial lawsuit process. Gazalba is known to have sued his suspect status at the South Jakarta District Court (Jaksel District Court). “There are already around 13 or 12 other suspects detained even though they did not submit pre-trial. … Read more

Exseremi of Social Development asks the Comptroller to summon Boric to testify and announces a lawsuit against Jackson and Vallejo for insults against him

After her dismissal from the Ministry of Social Development, the ex-seremi Patricia Hidalgo went to the Comptroller General of the Republic this Wednesday to request that alleged administrative and environmental irregularities be investigated in the Environmental Evaluation Commission of the Metropolitan Region (RM). He also requested that possible “pressure” and “interference” be investigated by the … Read more

Mohammed bin Salman: An American court rejects a lawsuit against the Saudi crown prince in the Khashoggi assassination case

December 7, 2022 image copyright Reuters photo comment, Bin Salman met Biden during his visit to the Kingdom about two months ago An American court rejected a lawsuit to try the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, in the case of the assassination of the former Saudi dissident and journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. The judge, John … Read more

Jumblatt files a lawsuit before the Public Prosecution Office against Judge Aoun

Attorney Nashat Al-Hassaniya, acting on behalf of the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, filed a lawsuit before the Public Prosecution Court of Cassation against the Public Prosecutor of Appeal in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, on the background of what she previously published on her Twitter account about Swiss banks freezing bank … Read more

Amber Heard officially appeals the court decision in her lawsuit against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has officially appealed the verdict of her defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp. • Read also: Amber Heard’s Twitter account has been deactivated • Read also: Johnny Depp filed his appeal against Amber Heard • Read also: Hollywood: The Depp-Amber trial will be adapted into a film In the motion, filed Nov. 23, the … Read more

Moeldoko’s Firm Statement After RI Lost Lawsuit on Nickel Export Stop

Jakarta – Indonesia lost the European Union and World Trade Organization (WTO) lawsuits against the suspension nickel export by Indonesia and have to channel the nickel abroad again. Presidential Chief of Staff General (Purn) Moeldoko said Indonesia still had to fight. “Yes, we have to fight. Our national interests must be fought to the fullest,” … Read more

RI Loses Lawsuit to Stop Nickel Exports, Moeldoko: Must Fight It Endlessly

Chief of Presidential Staff Gen. TNI (Ret.) Moeldoko said Indonesia must continue to fight despite previously losing in a lawsuit by the European Union and the World Trade Organization (WTO) against Indonesia’s halting of nickel exports. Jokowi even said that even though he lost, Indonesia could still appeal.

Magaly Medina minimizes Brunella Horna’s lawsuit for calling her ‘Brutela’: “Don’t get involved in big things, stay at home” Richard Acuña VIDEO entertainment | SHOWS

The various live altercations he has Brunella Horna by hosting ‘America Today’, which is mocked by viewers and netizens, made Magaly Medina criticize the businesswoman on more than one occasion. LEE: Magaly makes fun of Brunella when she sees that Richard Acuña traveled to Qatar without her: “Where the captain rules, the sailor doesn’t rule” … Read more

“Lawyer Tam” refutes “Ma Ornapha”, confirming that there is a case number to file a lawsuit in Korea. I’m done doing my job.

“Lawyer Tom” Retorting the knot “Ma Ornapha” announced the knot of slapping the younger generation for refusing to eat crab. Confirmed that there is a case number reported in Korea He said he didn’t want to be a tool for anyone to be famous. at 10:00 AM on December 1 at the Sittra Law Firm … Read more

Giorgia Meloni: «The maneuver keeps its commitments, the income can help undeclared work. The lawsuit against Saviano? I don’t pick it up”

The first Giorgia Meloni give an interview to Corriere della Sera to talk about Budget Lawof Basic incomeof the Ong and also of the lawsuit towards Roberto Saviano. According to the tenant of Palazzo Chigi with the manoeuvre, the government «has given clear signals with the taxation of productivity bonuses, the tax authorities for the … Read more