Harvey Weinstein asked the court to suspend a lawsuit due to his health problems

The jailed producer, Harvey Weinstein, asked a federal judge in New York to stay the legal proceedings of a civil lawsuit filed by Alexandra Canosa. The former Weinstein Company employee sued the producer, the company and several of its directors, alleging that the movie mogul repeatedly raped and assaulted her under a threat of retaliation … Read more

Trump’s Attorney Sidney Powell Promises Lawsuit of “Biblical” Proportions in the Next Days | Voting | Donald Trump | voting machines

Trump’s campaign attorney, Sidney Powell, said Saturday that the president’s attorneys will file a lawsuit of “biblical” proportions, alleging that some election officials were involved in a pay-as-you-go scheme with a prominent voting software maker. “We have tons of evidence; it’s a lot, it’s hard to put it all together, “Powell told Newsmax. She did … Read more

Trump’s Pennsylvania election fraud lawsuit dismissed

A federal judge dismisses a lawsuit by the outgoing US president over votes in Pennsylvania, leaving no options to claim the election. Justice Matthew Brann on Saturday dismissed the most important lawsuit that Donald Trump’s campaign had filed in the northeastern state of Pennsylvania, in which he sought to invalidate millions of votes cast by … Read more

Federal judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania El Tiempo Latino

ELECTIONS. Ballot scanning process at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on November 4, 2020. | Photo: Efe. A federal judge on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign, which sought to block the certification of Pennsylvania’s election results. Federal District Judge Matthew W. Brann granted a request from Pennsylvania Secretary of … Read more

USA.- A judge dismisses the latest lawsuit of the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania

MADRID, 22 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – A federal judge on Saturday dismissed the latest lawsuit of the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania and has given free rein to certify the results of the elections in this state. With this new defeat in the courts, the clearest way for Trump to be able to invalidate before the … Read more

The resolution of a class action lawsuit over Apple and FaceTime

IPhone owners may receive $ 3 refunds from the settlement of a class action lawsuit against Apple due to accusations that Apple intentionally broke FaceTime to force users to upgrade their iPhones and to save money. They who can benefit from $ 18 million resolution include consumers who owned an Apple iPhone 4 or 4s … Read more

The letter that Meghan Markle would have written to her father was not so private, new details reveal for her lawsuit | Wake up America shows

Read transcript liked that part. Carlos: anyway. what a story. another story that has given turns and has taken a turn unexpected. is the lawsuit he filed meghan markle, the reclaó has a brianic periodical they could leave meghan markle very bad stop for these claims and for that, this couple again it is on … Read more

4 points to understand the lawsuit between Lupita Jones and Sofía Aragón

Sofia Aragon, actual beauty queen of Mexico and second finalist of Miss Universe 2019, caused controversy after assuring in an Instagram live that during her preparation to reach Miss Universe, she suffered from a lack of psychological and financial support from the Universal Mexican organization, founded by Lupita Jones. In the live of almost 30 … Read more

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Drops Trump Lawsuit and Recognizes Vote Counting | Video

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has dismissed Donald Trump’s campaign lawsuit over observer distance in counting votes for the presidential election. The criminal lawyer Manuel Retureta explains that there were Republican observers reviewing the votes, but that they demanded a shorter distance to be able to do so. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court said that people could … Read more

“Uber does not protect its passengers”: lawsuit of woman beaten by driver in New York

“Jane Doe”, a Westchester (NY) woman groped and beaten by an Uber driver during an overnight trip from Manhattan to her home, is suing the popular ride-sharing company. The anonymous victim says the alleged attack happened on June 8, 2018 in the back of a Toyota Camry, when driver Iqbal Hussain left her with a … Read more