The broadcast of November 28: How do we stop omikron? / Start lawsuit in Epstein scandal / Book about the beginning of the end of the Third Reich

How do we stop omikron? At least thirteen travelers who arrived at Schiphol on two flights from South Africa last Friday are infected with omikron. There are great concerns about this new variant of the coronavirus. Israel imposes a travel ban on all foreigners in an effort to stop the spread of omikron. The United … Read more

After lawsuit Cardi B must prove that she does not have sexually transmitted diseases

A new controversy comes to the life of the American rapper of Dominican origin Cardi B. According to international media, the rapper started a legal battle against blogger Tasha K for defamation after the blogger claimed that Cardi B had herpes. After the demand imposed by the interpreter of “WAP”, the judge in charge of … Read more

NFL, Rams owner Stan Kroenke to pay $790-million US lawsuit settlement over St. Louis departure

The NFL and Rams owner Stan Kroenke will pay $790 million US to settle a lawsuit filed by St. Louis interests over the team’s relocation to Los Angeles, a joint statement from St. Louis city and county said Wednesday. No details of the settlement were released, and it wasn’t immediately clear how much would be … Read more

Lin Chiling was recovered by Lu Zong’s wage arrears of 4 million yuan at the end of 4 years | Extreme Challenge | Lawsuit

[Epoch Times November 25, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Taiwan’s first supermodelLin Chiling4 years before the report to Lu Zong “Extreme challenge》Back payThe case finally came out on the 24th. According to the mainland commercial app “Tianyancha”, Lin Chiling participated in the recording of 2 episodes of the third season of “Extreme Challenge” … Read more

Sony PlayStation: Discrimination: Former employee files a lawsuit

Just recently, Sony’s Jim Ryan criticized the situation at Activision Blizzard, now Sony Interactive Entertainment itself has a lawsuit on its side and for similar reasons. The lawsuit against Sony was filed on November 22nd by Emma Majo, a former IT security analyst on the PlayStation team. Topic: gender discrimination, harassment and unjustified dismissal. In … Read more

PlayStation faces gender discrimination lawsuit

Emma Majo, a former security analyst, points out numerous discriminatory practices within the company. Complaints for discrimination in the industry of videogames have, unfortunately, been on the covers for too long. With cases as notorious as that of Ubisoft, denounced on several occasions for institutional harassment, Paradox, where its employees spoke of a culture of … Read more

“Here’s My Final Warning”: Musk Threatens to Give JPMorgan a “One-Star Yelp Review” If He Doesn’t Drop His Lawsuit Against Tesla

Published: 23 nov 2021 08:40 GMT The financial conglomerate accuses the electric car maker of breaching a contract related to certificates for the purchase of securities. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has threatened financial conglomerate JPMorgan Chase & Co. with giving it a negative review on the Yelp platform unless the bank withdraws its $ 162.2 … Read more

US Armories Ask to Dismiss Mexico’s Lawsuit; there are vague arguments, they allege

Washington.- The arms companies of USA accused by the Mexican government of negligence that facilitates the illegal arms trafficking asked a Boston court to dismiss the case and not take it into consideration, claiming that none of them promotes or facilitates the access of organized crime groups to the weapons that they manufacture, as well … Read more

Steam does not have a monopoly on the PC market: Wolfire lawsuit rejected

© In May of this year, Wolfire Games, the maker of games such as Receiver and Overgrowth, filed a lawsuit against Valve, filing a complaint with the Antitrust Authority over Steam’s alleged monopoly on the PC market. After a detailed analysis of the issue, the court decided in full reject Wolfire lawsuit. In fact, the … Read more

GTA III and VC Reverse Engineer Project Members Challenge Take-Two Lawsuit – Gaming – News

The people behind the open source projects re3 and revc are fighting the lawsuit that Take-Two Interactive has launched against them. Take-Two believes the projects infringe copyrights on GTA III and GTA Vice City, but the makers deny that. Using the projects according to the makers not owned by Rockstar, which would not infringe copyright. … Read more