Putin sends a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, this is what it says

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un shake hands during a meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, April 25, 2019. Photo/REUTERS PYONGYANG – Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. So what is the content of the letter? In the letter, Putin said the two countries would … Read more

20 Santriwati Abused by Islamic Boarding School Leader in Katapang Bandung, Police: Still in Investigation

BANDUNGKOMPAS.com – About the case molestation 20 female students who are suspected of involving the leadership of one of the Islamic boarding schools in Ketapang District, Ketapang Regency BandungWest Java, Bandung Police Chief Kombes Po Kusworo said that currently the Bandung Police team is conducting an investigation. “Ask for time, currently the case is under … Read more

the fallen leader did not get up from the bike track on her own, she was taken to the hospital

One of the race leaders, Italian Letizia Paternoster, lost control of her bike and fell in a massive crash. Lithuania managed to avoid a collision, but the 23-year-old world champion did not get off the track, and the arena announcer urgently called for help. A few moments later, a medical team was already standing by … Read more

A beauty queen who was loved by the leader, Adel Imam, to the point of madness, and wanted to marry her, so she rejected him and married a handsome movie star… and an earthquake shock about her identity!

2022/08/13 It’s 06:40 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist Nadia Arslan started her artistic life through her beauty and cheerful look, but she left art early after suffering from cancer, and her appearance on cinema screens was for her good looks and not just for her talent. She won Miss Lebanon and her … Read more

U.S. stock market leader Apple surged 2%, market cap surpassed $2.7 trillion (Supplementary)

Apple Daily Stock Trend – Yahoo Finance Capture The stock price soared more than 2%, surpassing the $2.7 trillion mark in market cap, on the expectation that Apple will ship iPhones at the same level as last year despite the global economic slowdown. In the New York Stock Exchange on the 12th (local time), Apple … Read more

Gouveia e Melo, from vice admiral of vaccines to leader in the race for the presidency | Gouveia and Melon

Gouveia e Melo is probably the most consensual person that Portugal has produced in recent times. Left and right, the “vaccine admiral” has been praised, lauded, sometimes almost canonized, by institutions and ordinary people alike. The result of the successful vaccination now appears in the polls for the presidential elections: 30% of the voting intentions, … Read more

Russia’s (unsuccessful) plan to kill the defense minister and the leader of the Ukrainian 007

As fighting continues in the east, Ukrainian secret services (Sbu) have reported that they have foiled a Russian plan to kill Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov and the head of the main military intelligence directorate, Kyrill Budanov. Kiev Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov (Twitter). While fighting continues in the eastern areas, the war between Russia e Ukraine … Read more

They asked Issaad Younes, why doesn’t she host Adel Imam in the Sahebat Al Saada program?? I was shocked by her answer, the leader and all the artistic community!!

2022/08/08 It’s 01:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Esaad Younes, expressed her wish to host the able artist, Adel Imam, in her program, Her Excellency. This came during her reception of the questions of her fans and followers in the “Qadah with Esaad” segment, on her page on the Instagram photo-sharing site. … Read more

Cheddira scrambles Hellas. Maita leader, superlative Caprile. The report cards of the red and white

Sensational at the Bentegodi. With a resounding 1-4 the Bari vince a Verona and gives himself the round of 32 where he will meet one between Salernitana and Parma. Protagonist of the challenge Walid Cheddir, author of a fantastic hat-trick. The other marking bears the signature of Folorunsho. Of Lasagna the initial Gialloblù advantage. Here … Read more

Hani Ramzy reveals the developments in the health of the leader, Adel Imam (video)

The artist, Hani Ramzy, revealed that he is in constant contact with the great artist, Adel Imam, who encourages him to present the second part of the movie “Stupid in it”. Hani Ramzy added, in an intervention with the media, Engy Al-Qadi, on the “evening dmc” program: “We are constantly in contact with the leader, … Read more