ONCE Foundation and the Disability Board offer support products for workers with disabilities | Leader in Social Information

This Bank has different support products, special furniture, adapted peripherals, specific software, among other elements, which allow a suitable adaptation of the workplace for many people with disabilities. The aim is to provide these support products to people with a recognized disability of 33% or higher, to match their development opportunities at work with those … Read more

Islamic state leader sentenced to ten years and six months in prison in Germany / Day

The court found the 37-year-old man guilty of supporting terrorism and participating in a terrorist organization. Abu Vala was an imam at the infamous mosque in Hildesheim. The mosque attracted Islamists from all over Germany before it was closed by the authorities. Abu Wall and his network recruited young people, mainly from northwestern Germany, to … Read more

Western countries condemn detention of Georgian opposition leader / Article / LSM.lv

Western countries on Tuesday condemned the violent arrest of Georgian opposition leader Nick Melia. In the Caucasus country, the uncompromising political struggle between the ruling party “Georgia’s Dream” and opposition forces demanding new elections has been going on for months. IN SHORT: Special forces detain leaders of the largest opposition party. Conflict between Saakashvili’s party … Read more

New poll: Sylvi Listhaug scares away more than she lures to the FRP as party leader

TV 2 has asked a representative committee on SMS whether it is more attractive to vote for Frp with Listhaug as leader. 9 percent say Listhaug increases the probability that they will vote FRP, while 16 percent answer the opposite. Listhaug has been appointed as the new party leader by outgoing Siv Jensen. The national … Read more

Protests erupted after arrest of opposition leader in Georgia / Day

Georgian police have already reportedly arrested Nick Melia, the leader of the opposition United National Movement (ENM), today. Hundreds of police officers used tear gas against Melia’s supporters and leaders of all opposition parties who had set up camp at the party’s headquarters since last Wednesday. Media reports that many opposition supporters were detained. The … Read more

The leader of the Cherokee indigenous group demands that Jeep stop using the name of the tribe to name its vehicles

For its part, Jeep said in a statement that the names of its vehicles “have been carefully chosen and cared for over the years to honor and celebrate Native Americans for their nobility, prowess and pride.” Chuck Hoskin, Jr., leader of the Cherokee Indian group, who lives in the US, demanded that the Jeep automaker … Read more

Sofianski’s party met with communists, and Alexander Tomov with a Roma leader for a vote

Alexander Tomov Social Democrats and Christian Democrats found a place with Mareshki and Valeri Simeonov And the accused Russian spy Nikolai Malinov with registration Founded by former Sofia mayor and caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Sofianski, the Union of Free Democrats (UDF), now led by Radoslav Katsarov, will surprisingly form a coalition with the Union of … Read more

Prime audiences: TF1 leader with The Voice with 5.6 million viewers against France 3 at 5.1 million – Criminal Chronicles at its lowest on TFX at 260,000

Yesterday evening, TF1 broadcast the new season of “The Voice”, presented by Nikos Aliagas. Viewers were able to discover the candidates passing in front of a jury made up of Florent Pagny, Vianney, Amel Bent and Marc Lavoine. Last week, the program attracted 5,890,000 viewers (27.3%). France 2 offered “The favorite comics of the French”. … Read more

The closest ally of Viacheslav Volodin went on a three-month vacation

The head of the State Duma apparatus, Tatyana Voronova, went on a three-month vacation until May. About this “Vedomosti” was told by two interlocutors in “United Russia”, a person in the State Duma apparatus and an interlocutor close to the presidential administration (AP). This week, Voronova, who traditionally attends the Duma council (an organizational meeting … Read more

Russian opposition leader Navalny loses two lawsuits in a day

Previously, Navalny had argued that he was innocent of violating parole conditions. “I don’t want to blow my mind, but the whole world knew where I was,” he told the judge. “When I recovered, I bought a plane ticket and went home.” Navalny was to be transferred to a prison next week, Russian state media … Read more